Starfield: Everything we have so far about the Sci-Fi

Starfield is one of the most exciting games 2022. We summarize all the information about the possible role-play highlight.

When will Starfield appear?

The release of Starfield is planned for November 11, 2022. That gave Bethesda already known in the course of E3 2021. Thus, the game should come exactly eleven years to The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim on the market.

Which platforms will appear Starfield?

Since Bethesda Softworks is now part of Microsoft, Starfield will not appear for the PlayStation 5, but only for the PC and the Xbox Series X / s. An Xbox One version is not in development, Starfield is a pure Next Gen project. As a first-party title of Microsoft, it will be in the Game Pass from Day 1, so that its subscribers can play Starfield without additional costs.

Who develops Starfield?

Starfield is built directly at Bethesda Game Studios and is the first new brand created by the developer in his 21-year history. In all this time, the team has developed around Game Director Todd Howard almost only “The Elder Scrolls” and Fallout Games. The only exception is the racing game of her Professional Drag Racing 2005, which has already been the fourth part of a series.

What do we know about the scenario?

The game puts you in the year 2330, in which humanity has long been successful to populate an area in the Milky Way, which is about 50 light years away from our solar system. 20 years before the start of the game action, there was a bloody war between the two largest political groups in the region: the United Colonies and the Freestar Collective. Meanwhile, peace prevails, but that does not mean that no dangers lurk in the populated areas. Among other things, pirates and religious fanatics make life difficult for innocent citizens.

All this does not really sound like a special setting, but that’s quite, at least in comparison with other large sci-fi brands like Mass Effect, Halo or Destiny. Starfield is clearly grounded. Lead Artist isvan Pely uses the term “NASA punk” as a description. “We want a very realistic approach. You can draw a line of today’s space technology and extrapolate from there into the future, so it is credible and comprehensible.” Bethesda does not go so far that you leave aliens. According to Todd Howard, you will meet extraterrestrials, but details and pictures do not exist yet.

What is the story?

All too much is not known about the plot of Starfield. We only know that you slip into the skin of a young recruits of constellation. This is a company dedicated to exploring space. That fits quite well, because exploration plays in the Bethesda-RPGs always a big role and on this tradition Starfield should hold on. So that you play someone who is commissioned to explore the world, so to speak is a perfect match.

On the basis of the experience with the previous titles of Bethesda Game Studios and the statements of the developers in the recent “Into the Starfield” video, we can conclude that even in Starfield, the main story again only a kind of hanger should be that you explore the game world And write your own action. So Todd Howard says, “What a story we think that’s what the player is the one who is busy and irritating.” And on, “Basically, players should go to their own journey.” However, if he adds that “the big questions” were “why are we here? What is the goal? What is the next step for humanity?”

What do we know about the game world?

Starfield - The Replacement Space Game for 2022 - Brand New Details!

Just like the “The Elder Scrolls” and Fallout title, Starfield sets a large Open World. This time you are not just in a landline, but visited several planets. Three of the locations we already know: New Atlantis, the capital of the United Colonies, Akila City, home of the Freestar Collective, and Neon, a huge platform in the sea of ​​a planet, whose surface is otherwise made of water.

Much more has not yet been announced from the official side to the game world. There are only two interesting statements from the “Into the Starfield” videos. In the first edition Todd Howard mentions that there are two of the so-called “Step Out” moments in Starfield. He plays on iconic scenes from the previous Bethesda games, in which the Open World is for the first time before your eyes, for example, the moment in Fallout 3, where you leave the starting bunker.

In episode 2 of “Into the Starfield”, the developers talk that they do not just develop role-playing games, but simulations with worlds in which unexpected things can happen. Lead Quest Designer wants Shen calls an example of a comet. “That could happen! It deprives the control. We can only make sure the game is able to do it,” he says. Lead Artist isvan Pely adds: “We hug the chaos. It’s part of the game.” The world of Starfield should therefore seem to be very dynamic again – perhaps even more dynamic than the Open Worlds of Skyrim and Fallout 4, in which crazy things can easily happen.

Why so far there are no official information, things like the size of the game world and also answer to the question of how the different planets are actually interconnected. In this regard, a contribution to Reddit could provide information. The Odahp user has published a list of features that, as he writes, “may be in Starfield.” Wherever he has the information is unknown, and you should enjoy them with caution.

According to ODAHP, it will be possible to travel through all with your own spaceship. He speaks of light-speed flights and a “simple flight system”. Furthermore, he writes that every planetary card is about as big as heavenly edge in The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim and New Atlantis was a huge city map, which reminiscent of Coruscant from Star Wars and the central hub of the game was.

Which fractions are there?

Factions always play an important role in the RPGS of Bethesda Game Studios. You can always connect to you to play extensive quest series. Starfield should not break with this tradition. Several of the parties that exist in the game are already known. Three we already mentioned: The United Colonies, the Freestar Collective and Constellation. The latter is, as already said, a company that sets out the exploration of the all of the task and it stands in its services. The United Colonies, short u.C., are the most powerful group on a political and military level, while the Freestar Collective is a loose alliance of three different star system systems and in whose design the developers are based on space Western motif.

In addition, there are xenofresh corporation, a fisheries company that has built neon. But the company does not earn her money long more than food supplier. She found out that a fish variety has psychotropic properties and therefore wonderfully suited as a drug. And so from neon became a pleasure metropolis. But it is well possible that Xenofresh is just a sub-fraction. In the recent “Into the Starfield”, Shen Ryujin Industries, a huge group. Xenofresh could be one of his subsidiaries. In the video it also states that the beginning of whom quest series would like the players particularly well. You apply for a job and will be put into the test in the course.

Other factions announced Bethesda Game Studios include a mercenary group called Ecliptic, the “Brutal Spacers” (whatever for people), the house Va’ruun, which consists of religious fanatics, and the pirates of Crimson Fleet. At least the latter you can connect in Starfield – either to become a pirate yourself, or for the purpose of sitting you in the service of law and order and defeat them out of the inside. You can become a kind of space-cop, as it expresses Design Director Emil Pagliarulo.

Are there any companion?

Just like the political groups, Ki companions are also part of a full-fledged Bethesda-RPG. The developers have not yet introduced many characters (and not a single one in detail), but at least we know: yes, there is a companion and one of them is a robot. In addition, the creators promise that relations with these characters and above all their opinion about you are very important. They comment on your actions and rule differently on decisions they meet.

What is known about the character creation?

Although there are Aliens in Starfield, in whatever form, but it looks like that you play a human in any case. Different playable races as in the “The Elder Scrolls” titles, there is certainly not. For this, Bethesda brings back the playing depth of his older works that many fans in Fallout 4 have painfully missed. So you look for a background story and traits at character creation. Presumably, both have an impact on how other figures perceive and what opportunities you have in dialogues, which leads us directly to the next question.

How does the dialogue system work?

Of the official site, only one detail is known about the dialogues in Starfield: there is a kind of further development of the mini-game from The Elder Scrolls 4: Oblivion, which serves to convince or seduce other characters. However, the developers say that it was more than just a new iteration. Similarities are available, but at the core it is something new. The goal was to create a system where there is never a real answer. Todd Howard says: “You lead a conversation in which you actually feel like to convince someone of something. From all our dialogue systems this is probably most successful.”

Odap still have a few more information about the topic. So he writes that the dialogue system in Starfield was very similar to the similar to the Skyrim, but “a few updates”. In addition, the protagonist is mute again this time and not set in Fallout 4.

How do fighting go?

Bethesda has not said anything about the fighting in Starfield. Basically, we have only two info, which are officially confirmed: On the one hand, Todd Howard once said in an interview that the game like the “The Elder Scrolls” and Fallout title has both a first and third-person Perspective offers. On the other hand, in the first trailer is already a firearm to see. So we can assume that Starfield inherits at least parts of the shooter gameplay by Fallout. Everything else would surprise us because of the science fiction setting.

In the Reddit contribution of OHDAP, the baller was improved compared to Fallout 4 and that the two-hand system from Skyrim celebrate his return. That would mean that you could fight in Starfield with two one-way weapons at the same time, which is not possible in the fallout games. Furthermore, Ohdap writes that skills and augmentations (comparable to the Prey of 2017) play an important role in the fighting. The latter should also have a strong optical impact on your character and it is possible that your visible scars cancel. If your companion has your side, you can die according to Ohdap. In his contribution, he also mentions that there are fighting in space with your ship. Individual areas of the ship should be destroyed as in Rogue-Like FTL: Faster Than Light.

How is the progression?

There is no official information about the skill system of Starfield. Ohdap has hardly been written in his post. It just says that the level system was so “organic” as in Skyrim. This certainly means that you improve your skills by actively involved. So if you are increasingly putting on firearms, you will be better in dealing with them. This system missed Fallout 4. However, what is there both in the end-time adventure and the other Bethesda-RPGs and also in Starfield according to OHDAP is not missing: the level scaling of the entire game world. This is better implemented this time. Some areas should initially accommodate too strong opponents for you. Only then if you reach a particular level, such a zone start to scales with your progress.

The progression in Starfield but not only limited to your character. After all, you also have your spaceship that you can upgrade through Ohdap over time. Again, he draws the comparison to FTL. In addition, every single room can be adapted in the ship.

What is known about the technique?

For too long, Bethesda Game Studios held at his Creation Engine. This will answer many people when you address them to the topic. Already Fallout 4 saw when it appeared in 2015, no longer baptismal and Fallout 76 was right at his release 2018 as technically obsolete. Some of one has already feared that Bethesda holds on the old backbone, but fortunately that is not the case. The work on Starfield, which was already announced in 2018, last, among other things, because the studio had to tinker the new Creation Engine 2, which will also drive the Elder Scrolls 6.

How pretty Starfield will be now, can not be said yet. Besides the teaser trailer, we hardly have seen what’s seen from the game. Although the video shows in engine material that does not look bad, but that does not mean much. Here we just have to wait first real gameplay. However, the developers promise at least very credible animated characters and detailed environments. For the latter, photogrammetry ensures a technique in which photos of real objects are used to create very realistic-looking 3D graphics. In the case of the figures, a very similar technology is used, except that real people are scanned here.

Are Mods supported?

Modding is a very important topic at Bethesda-RPGs. Would Skyrim be played by so many people after ten years, there would be no this active modding community? That’s questionable. Whether Starfield Mods supports is not officially known. But on the one hand, Ohdap writes that there will be right tools from Bethesda. On the other hand, it is not conceivable that Bethesda makes a 180 degree turn. The success of his games is strongly related to the topic of mods. Even the console versions of Skyrim and Fallout 4 can be modes, if not in the circumference as it is possible on the PC. So we would conclude a bet, we would clearly tap that Starfield full mod support will also offer.

Does Starfield have a multiplayer mode?

With Fallout 76, Bethesda Game Studios dared his first multiplayer experiment, which is not well received by the many fans. But the game still lives, still gets updates and has improved over the years. It would therefore not be completely unthinkable that Starfield offers a form of multi-play component. But that’s not like that. At least Todd Howard said that at the end of 2020. Accordingly, Starfield was a pure single player experience.

These are all information about Starfield until here. We will update this product as soon as there are new details – especially when Bethesda finally shows first gameplay scenes, which is likely to happen in the course of the E3 in the summer.

Now to the official Starfield website!

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