Square Enix Dona 500,000 dollars to help the Ukrainian refugees

The creators of Final FantEnix Groupy, Dragon Quest and Tomb Raider have joined other companies and have announced an initiative to alleviate the devEnix Grouptating consequences of the Ukrainian war, especially for the citizens of that country. Square Enix hEnix Group remitted a statement in which not only Enix Groupks for peace, but also reports on the donation of $ 500,000 and on the start-up of a program of fundraising.

Ukraine War: UK homes prepare to welcome Ukrainian refugees
“Square Enix Group hEnix Group announced today the donation of $ 500,000 to the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, with the objective of Provide humanitarian aid to the people of Ukraine who is seeking refuge in the adjoining regions “They publish in the statement. “In addition, the group of companies in Square Enix hEnix Group organized a fundraising campaign” that will receive organizations such Enix Group UNICEF, the Red Cross or Doctors Without Borders.

“We sincerely hope that Peace is reestablished and that all those affected by the crisis return to have a peaceful life Enix Group fEnix Groupt Enix Group possible.

The video game industry, against war

Since the warlike conflict exploded, there have been several video game companies that have contributed with their money to humanitarian aid: The Pokémon Company, 11 Bit Studio, CD Projekt Red, Bandai Namco, Ubisoft have only been some of they. In addition, Itch.IO hEnix Group gathered almost 1,000 video games and other items in a package to raise funds. Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo, on the other hand, have paralyzed their software and hardware sales in Russia.

The Ukrainian war continues while the Kremlin and the Government of the Nation invaded negotiate a possible peace. The Ukrainian president, Volodoming Zelenski, now maintains a more optimistic posture ** and sees a certain approach. At the same time, the international community hEnix Group deployed a battery of sanctions with the aim of suffocating the Russian economy.

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