Lol: the ridiculous play from Perkz that neither himself was able to understand

The attitude of the players when facing a game of League of Legends is one of the elements that their Victory options can decide. Playing pissed up or with too afraid to lose is synonymous that we will see our own nexus, but these two are not the only bad options when it comes to starting. Excess confidence can have important consequences and even professionals can end up portrayed because of this circumstance. It has been the case of Perkz , who in the live he starred a play that neither himself believed.

an improper play of an octocammeon of League of Legends

Being the player with more European titles in the story of League of Legends, Perkz began a game by measuring with Lucian to the enemy Malphite. A confrontation in which the shooter has an advantage that the EX of G2 ESPORTS wanted to enforce from the beginning of the game, but that ended the worst possible way. The shooter starred A ridiculous play at the first level of the game when he was eliminated solo by the Malphite rival in a fight in which he, simply, was spent.

Perkz began the confrontation by adopting an extremely aggressive position to raise an exchange of which the rival of him had the result much clearer and resolved by three details. The most obvious is the latest use of the flash by the Croatian, who did not gain distance in the few moments when he had an opportunity to advice some additional blow that would have changed the result. The blows of the subjects were also differential (receives up to six) and the rune Tonic of temporary distortion , which recharged up to 63 life points instantly to their rival. Notrements, when we want to be so aggressive At the beginning of the game it is better to bet on a sword of Doran .

Normally you also undervalue the League of Legends champions without knowing your basic statistics. For example, it is something surprising to know that in the first level of Malphite game and Lucian have a very similar damage **. However, the tank is able to sweep from the map to the shooter thanks to the large amount of base armor and regeneration of it. Two fundamental aspects to assess the League of Legends champions during the first levels that the professional player seemed to be obviated.

Perkz on why EU is Doomed if Fnatic wins the Split

Despite this circumstance, it should be noted that Perkz took it with enough sense of humor. The truth is that The player usually uses the qualifying items to know the limits of the champions and go with the knife between teeth for the rivals, without being one of the most outstanding League of Legends in This area. However, it must be recognized that the approach of it to the Rankeds allows you to reach the big competitive appointments in very good condition.

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