Is it possible to cross the arms learning in Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin

In Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin has a lot of things from which you can choose. Whether you want to play a magician or get closer to the samurai, it completely depends on you, it may be a little unpleasant to learn to play so many classes, so you are probably wondering if you want to return to learning. area.

Yes , you can return to the field of learning when you want, and it is a little practiced. To do this, you just need to go to the world map and choose a learning mission. It is marked as ??? . This mission can be found directly in middle your card, so find it easy.

Are there tutorials for each type of weapon?

Yes , you can switch between tutorials when you hover the cursor to the mission. The game allows you to use this area to feel every type of weapons so that you can successfully use it in battle. In fact, this is a great idea to return to meads at any time when you want to try to change your work.

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