How to unlock all advanced tasks in Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin

Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin is a large-scale game in which you can choose from more than 20 classes if you unlock them all. Unlock additional tasks can be slightly confusing, but as soon as you learn the formula, you can start working on your favorite things. In fact, it does not even take much time.

All advanced tasks in Stranger of Paradise and how to unlock them

You can unlock an advance job by passing in Tree vacancies and alignment Prerequisites All up to. For example, if you want to play for thief, you need to raise both levels Duelist as well as Futing battle .

Here is a complete list of advanced professions and classes that you need to raise to unlock them:

  • White Mag: Mag
  • Black Mag: Mag
  • Red Mag: Swordsman and Mag
  • thief: duelist and boxer
  • Monk: Lancer and Pugylist
  • Dragun: Lancer and Marauder
  • Warrior: Swordsman and Ronin
  • Berrik: Swordsman and Marauder
  • Knight: Middle Mare and Messenik
  • Samurai: Ronin

After you unlock extended tasks, the last level of tasks will appear, which is called expert vacancies .

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