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After almost ten years waiting for Guild-Wars fans, a wish has come true. Because with the new extension end of Dragons, it’s finally going back to the Far-Eastern inspired rich Cantha. That had taken off in the world of Guild Wars over 100 years ago from the outside world and has since been a mystery than a continent. But with the history of the third enlargement, the veil of the secrets is revealed: More through chance, our heroes end up to the shores of Canthas and have to be amazed.

Because the once traditional kingdom has risen to a high-tech nation, which relies on robots, computers and other machinery. But the dangers lurking here seem to be ancient – it does not remain with the ether string pirates, which we have already known and hated before expansion. Thus, the plot unfolds a conflict of old and new, which remains exciting until the end. Of course, we do not want to betray you too much of the story. But that the dragon cycle can find his fulminant final, you can know directly from us! But the story of GW2 is not over yet, the developers have already clarified.

Guild Wars 2: End of Dragons | REVIEW | Die Erweiterung im großen Test

Great writing, bad writing – both in the story

The whole thing is enriched by sympathetic new characters, but also known figures that are illuminated even more. So Detektiv Rama has become one of our new favorites, for example. Even a Piratenkönigin Mai Trin Mausert from the B-Movie rogue to the complex character. After years in which we just beat her as a fractal boss, it really totally surprised us. Who would have thought we’ll visit a pasta in Cantha with May Trin? We definitely not. Source: Guild-Wars fans, however, while we really talk about the developers that they suddenly give depth of one-dimensional rogue, remains a well-known problem, but the death of heroes as a shock element. Of course we do not betray whom it caught – but also two weeks after release we are still eaten. Because the rousing adventure in Cantha has not necessarily necessary such cheap tricks. Detective Rama (right) is a brand new character in the story of GW2 – and already a favorite of the community. We agree! Source: Guild-Wars fans

The new areas: each a terrific experience

Everything but a cheaper trick are the new areas that we can explore. Because, while “only” are four zones, but they are up to the top full treasures, secrets and activities. Each of the territories has a completely own character. The monastery of Shing Jea: GW1 veterans feel poodle here, finally they know the place. Source: Guild-Wars fans

The province of maneuver on the island Shing Jea

The island on which we start represents an idyllic eiland that is gradually being modernized. Here the old Cantha is still alive. The threat is a modern age: because ether pirates tyrannize the population, which may be coordinated in a fun Map event (Mäp-Ivent). This ends even in a thick boss fight, which is representative of many new challenges in End of Dragons: Simples Drauhauen is no longer enough, even the “casuals” and explorer of the open world must learn to observe boss mechanics.

The big city Neu-Kaineng

The great high-tech metropolis Neu-Kaineng is up to the top full of wonders of science. At each corner, you will find Jade-Mechs and can beat you with the unscrupulous Jade Brotherhood, which uses technical progress only for evil. Out of control, Jade bots are then the icing for the chaos in the big city. Incidentally, while the vertical and skyscrapers of Neu-Kaineng visually inspire visually, the orientation is in the beginning rather a fight in itself.Als again we should overcome from top to bottom and dozens of floors. Teleporters and Ziplines should actually help. Anyone who brings here to practical ribs such as griffin or sky scoop from Path of Fire is clearly the advantage. Whereby your arrival in Cantha automatically unlocks the paraglider of Heart of Thorns – so no one has to fall into death when distracting from the magnificent skyline.

Source: Guild-Wars fans Source: Guild-Wars fans Source: Guild-Wars fans Source: Guild-Wars fans

The mystical Echowald: beautiful as ever and ever

In strong contrast to the modern world of Kaineng is the Echowald. The popular area from Guild Wars: Factage is still scary beautiful, with tremendous cathedrals between colossal trees that protrude to heaven. Here, the nature lovers feel comfortable and can deal directly with two opposing factions: because neither the eco-fanatic named “spokesman” nor the aforementioned Jade Brotherhood are friendly to you in this area. Accordingly, you also have it with you with tricky mechanics with you. The highlight is the fight against a gigantic prototype, which does not give you the victory so easily – tactics is in demand.

The end of the dragons in the Jade Sea

The crowning completion of the extension and at the same time source of much frustration is currently the last area, which brings us to the Jademean. This is a huge ocean that is frozen to Jade. While a large part looks like a quarry, there is still the great places where you can marvel at your frosted waves. The mighty meta event of this area requires a lot of preparation and perfect cooperation of players – but even then the victory is not sure. Especially in the first week to Launch it was a torment when an hour of bitter fight ended in a fail. Here, however, we believe that it is childhood diseases that the developers still iron out. More rewards would still be necessary for the elaborate activities of this card. Otherwise players turn away from this meta. In the Jade Sea, Story-technically is hot. In the frozen ocean you may face special events – this monster is familiar with fractal visitors. Source: Guild-Wars fans The great new areas and the story instances do not explore you mandatory with your same, old builds. Because there are new elite specs. Their condition shortly after launch is still improved – there is more on the next page. On this we also rate the new dominants. How do they beat compared to Path of Fire and Heart of Thorns?

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