Ubisoft Scalar reveals: is the technique a milestone in video game development?

Let’s start from the beginning. Already before the Game Developer Conference there is a presentation of Ubisoft, while presiding a new tool that connects video game development with cloud computing. This means that a developer no longer needs to have all programs on its terminal, but can resort to applications that are online or in a cloud.

According to Patrick Bach, Managing Director of Ubisoft Stockholm, open up completely new ways to make video games because of a developer side no more computational limits have to comply with. Nevertheless, we are not talking about pure cloudgaming, ie the streaming of video games.

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Ubisoft Scalar Announce Trailer: A Cloud Native Technology

What is the difference between Scalar and Cloudgaming?

Streaming video games will probably be part of Scalar, but at the same time only one aspect of it. While streaming concerns only the presentation of games, Ubisoft will take a step further at this point. The studio gives developers the opportunity to access a cloud and thus unlimited hardware opportunities during their creative process.

The vision is to be able to develop a game that works completely independently of system requirements. So instead of experiencing the same games over another platform, Scalar will enable to develop whole new games.

What does that mean for the player?

Since the project is still in the starting blocks, there is no game based on this technique, working on a new IP, so Bach. The players also have benefits from the system. So an aspect of the game could be patched without the title being unavailable during this time. So if a quest would be faulty, it can be repaired without the server would have to be switched off. Also, the number of players who play at the same time will be significantly larger up to limitless.

The development seems hard to be relevant to players and end users. However, this can not be assessed at this time from our point of view. With the press conference, the developers (Employees of Ubisoft Mostly) spoke of a groundbreaking development. At the latest with the first games of the “new kind” we will know what we have to do exactly.

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