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Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin has been officially published a few days ago. On current consoles like the PlayStation 5, the game runs quite well, and makes a lot of fun as you can read in our test to Final Fantasy Origin. Square Enix did not provide us with a copy of the PC version before publication, and as it looks, this was due to the terrible state in which the PC port of the title is located.

How is Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin on the PC?

The subreddit of the game is currently filled by complaints about the lack of quality of the PC version. One of the biggest problems is currently probably that the title runs almost in slow motion after executing the finishing moves soul burst. For example, a reddit user calls the PC version “horrible”. Despite a pretty stately machine, powered by a NVIDIA RTX 3080, the game looks “very ugly” for him. There are problems with the render distance, pretty bad graphic, and for some users, the game is also extremely pocketed.

Another user, which indicates to be a VFX artist, dives a little deeper into the problems of the game, and gives a few tips for the optimal settings. Allegedly, the game runs much worse if you target 120 pictures per second. Instead, you should limit the FPS number to 60 in the match settings, as there are fewer problems. He himself has adapted his graphics settings around the Soul Burst mechanics, as they already mention the entire game almost lame. Of course, that’s especially annoying, as the system requirements of the game are not particularly high, as you can read on the _ next page. _

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