Tips and tricks for Poke Service in Pokemon Sword and Shield

An interesting turning point in the Galar region is that Pokémon are so integrated into society and the economy they can get Poké Service. This allows you to send your Pokémon on the Tasks to Gain Exp. You can view the Poké Service available using the Rotomi Console in a Pokemon Center.

Each task will have a favorite type of Pokémon for which they want to do a job, so be sure to send the right types and match the best Pokémon with available jobs. Some jobs will give you the opportunity to send multiple Pokémon, which will allow you to gain EXP for more than one Pokémon at a time.

Poké work takes a while and once completed, the Pokémon go back to their PC boxes. The duration of the work will also dictate the amount of exp wins by your Pokémon. The longer the work, more EXP. You can find the time description in the game and the real time equivalent below:

  • A little time – 1 hour

How To Get 30 Pokemon To Level 100 in 20 Minutes - Pokemon Sword and Shield
* Very short – 2 hours
* Short – 3 hours
* Long duration: 4 hours
* Very long – 8 hours
* Half day – 12 hours
* Full day – 24 hours

Each Poké Job will also have the stars to indicate the value of its exp. The more stars in the job, the more EXP.

A best thing about Poké Service is that your Pokémon can come back with the objects or even extra money. These objects can be rare, so make sure to check the available Poké service because you never know what your Pokémon could come back.

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