How to install a checkpoint in tunic

TUNIC is an adventure game, inspired by the Legend of Zelda and Dark Souls series. You manage the small fox in a big epic fairy tale to reveal the secrets of the world. But on the way you will come across the enemies and, perhaps, die in battle. This means that you need to be revived at the checkpoint.

To install your checkpoint in the tunic, you must find and interact with statues . These statues are kneeling in front of the fire. The fire will light up when you interact with the statue and the day will pass. It will install a control point in the statue so that you are respaun in this place after death .

What do statues in the tunic?

When you rest at the statue, you will fully cured, and your potions will reload . But enemies What you killed, also respaun . This means that you risk encountering enemies that are dangering every time you relax.

This system of checkpoints is similar to Dark Soul bonfires. So, exploring the tunic, follow these statues and think if you have to relax with them.

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