Eldon Ring Patch, the water droplet of the incarnation was navy.

The ilden rings have become a powerful spirit of the incarnation of the incarnation, the frost on the incarnation, which made the “igamidus mode”, and the exhibition, which was powerful, and the previous one is nuffed at the same time.

The promotional software released the Eldon Ring 1.03 update history on the 17th and the official website. In this update, when you encountered NPC, some errors and bug fixes and balance adjustments have been made with a large scale, with some convenience updates, such as icons are displayed on the map.

The balance adjustment target included ‘뼛 뼛 뼛 뼛 뼛 뼛 뼛 뼛’, ‘frosting’, weapon ‘night and flame’ (chestnut) (night sword) (night and sword ” First case of “ppyeotgaru of droplets of incarnation” is updated after the damage has been adjusted downward to summon spiritual body also behavior patterns.

Then, the previous’ Frosting ‘decided to lower the power and motion performance in accordance with FP resources consuming, and the Weapon’ Night and Flame ‘was a dedicated combat technology’ attitude of the dedicated combat technology ‘Attitude of the follicle’ In addition, we have been added to the addition of the Self-Causes of Self-Case Damage and the FP Consumption of the Iron Wall.

For this balance patch, users ‘opinions are largely divided into negative responses and’ I would like to have a continuous balance patch for PVP, “which is so easily the equipment that is so easily” the equipment obtained to get a game. ” Especially, in the case of electrons, there were many opinions that expressed the need for the nephreness of the ‘night sword’ who had taken the breath of the soul injuries.

With this update, some magic was upgraded by the upward and fp consumption of the power. Here are some of the errors that do not have a damaged error in some situations, failing to fail, and in a particular situation, various errors, such as errors that the game stopped in a particular situation, and the performance improvements were also made together.

Below is an Eldon ring patch history.

※ update file distribution notice / 2022.03.17

We deployed update files for stability and balance adjustment of gameplay.

Please apply the latest update file and play.

Target platform

PLAYSTATION®4 / PlayStation®5 / Xbox One / Xbox Series X | S / STEM®

Main topic included in the latest update

▼ Additional Elements

· Added the function to record the icon and NPC name on the map when encountering with NPC

· Add NPC ‘small jar’

· Add some phases to the NPC event below

Dia Ross / NEPELILU / Kenneth Hite / Gostok

· Added cooperation NPC that can be summoned in some situations

· When using the “Veil of the Teps”, add the pattern of the object to be used by the player

· Add BGM to play in night time in some fields

Correction of error

· Fixed an error that NPC summoned in some bosses

· Fixed an error that does not get the item even if you hit the boss in some bosses

· Fixed an error that conversations are skipped during NPC and conversations in specific key settings

· Fixed an error that fails when riding on horse

· Fixed an error in some weapons of mysterious capability correction

· If you can not get more than two items in certain circumstances, you change the ‘Insulle Pouch’ to the shop of ‘Twin Napo’

· Fixed an error that will not be able to move from the map to blessing on the map

· Fixed an error that does not move to the next area after the battle of ‘fire’

· Correction of any figures and other errors in the reinforcement of some weapons

· Fixed an error that does not apply to some weapons

· Fixed an error that the game stops in a particular situation

· When multiplayer, the boundary of the multiplayer area is intended to be the intended location and other errors

· Among the effects such as specific items and prayer, ‘golden tree’s large shield’ is not to absorb the attack in the ‘golden retaliation’,

· Prayer ‘Fire’ Effection ‘is intended and other error correction

· Fixed an error in weapon damage rising when using combat technology when using ‘dentalination’ and ‘Duty article’

· Adjust the graphical representation of magic ‘invisible’

· Delete ‘rag’ equipment that was available in a specific way

· Fixed an error that some hostile NPC drops’

· Fixed an error in some situations and other sounds

· Fixed any errors that are intended to be in contact with the description and contact on some maps

· Some of the depiction and behavior are intended and other errors

· Some armor parameters are intended and other errors

· Edit text

· Improvement of other performance and correcting errors

▼ Balance adjustment

· Some enemies of items ‘Jing-seok’

· Add an item to some store lineup in the early store

· Upregulating the performance of ‘Shield’

· Upgrading the power of the attack series ‘jar’ item

· Upgrading the power of the item below

Scent of flame / dock spray

· Upgrading the effect time of the item below

Iron Jar Healing / Scent of Goyang

· Upgrading the HP recovery amount of the torrent when using the item below

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Lower Rays / Suites Rays / Procedures

· Reduce FP consumption of the following magic and upgrades the power

Cypress’s comet / starter / comet of night

· Upgrading the power of the magic below

Gravity / Star Cracking / Decision Briquette

· Captain FP consumption of the following magic

Yuseong County / Calaxic Blast / Haima’s Large Hammer / Changsung’s Rain / Destruction of Formation / Pouring Horseparies / Pouring Horsepower / Lorreta Palace / Lorreta’s stunts / Kiria’s Great Swords / Karia’s stab / swirls

· Magic “Big Big Bullet”

· Adjusting the power and motion performance of combat technology ‘frosting’

· Combat technology ‘Blood’s attached’ Embroidery Damage Add, power and motion performance a little downward

· Combat Technology ‘The Posture of Night and Flames’

· Increased FP consumption of combat technology ‘Shield of the iron wall’, downgrading effect time

· FP consumption timing of combat technology ‘Rushing of Bishop’

· Adjusts the attack power downgrading and behavior patterns of indispensable to summoned an adjective that summoned as the 뼛 powder of the water droplets

· Adjust the balance such as some enemies and weapons

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