Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin PS5, PS4 trophies ask you to overcome chaos

Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin - Final Trailer | PS5, PS4
Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin is only a few days off, and so it’s almost time to kill Chaos for ourselves. This Ninja Team Action RPG looks like a silly spin-off, but we are absolutely there for its ridiculous energy energy. Whether we unlocked the platinum trophy is a whole thing, after taking a look at the list of trophies on exophase.

For the most part, the list seems relatively manageable. There are trinkets to complete each main mission of the game, finish a secondary mission and unlock various jobs. Many trophies will come pretty naturally while playing, giving you a good percentage without too much hassle.

However, a handle seems to be hard. You will have to reach first for a job, which we suppose it, will take some time, as well as unlock every job and end each secondary mission. The worst offenders, however, are two trophies related to the difficulty; To get the platinum, you will have to beat Stranger of Paradise in difficulty chaos, as well as a mission of level 200 (or more) on the same parameter. We do not know what it means, but it sounds difficult. In other words, you will literally beat Chaos if you want all the trophies, which is pretty fun.

Will you target the dish in Stranger of Paradise? Track chaos in the comments section below.

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