Distributor Lee Chul Woo Legal Officer,

The Game Water Management Committee (here) said that the Ministry of Commerce, the Ministry of Commitment, the Ministry of Justice, said that Lee Cheol-woo, a lawyering officer in February 21, has approved the registration of entertainment specialists from the lawyer association (disclosure of the following).

200911 Legal Webinar for KOR & US Corporations Doing Business Overseas (1)

Lee Chul Woo Lawyer is the first example of the game specialized in the game specialization of game related lawsuit. He is based on a variety of game-related litigation experience, such as a variety of game-related litigation experiences, such as P2E games, social casinos, and NFTs that are executed by P2E games, social casinos, and NFT, Registered.

Currently, lawsuits related to games are classified as entertainment sectors such as games, entertainment, sports, travel, movies, and to the current lawyer, and the lawyer registered as an entertainment specialist in the entertainment attorney is only 7.

The Chairman Kim Gyu-cheol, said, “The lawyer of the game is registered as a game expert,” means that the legal expertise of the game is enriched, “he said,” I will actively respond to the rapidly changing game industry by enrolling the internal attorneys’ personnel. “

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