It opens up to commemorate the 35th anniversary of Final Fantasy

2022 marks the 35th anniversary of Final Fantasy. This is, it was on December 18, 1987 when SquareSoft gave us the first title in this iconic series of the videogame industry. In this way, An official site to commemorate this important date is now available online.

Currently, the official site for the 35th anniversary of Final Fantasy is now available. Here we find a new logo by Yoshitaka Amano , designer who has participated in basically all the main deliveries and some spin-off. Along with this, Yoshinori Kitase, director and producer of multiple titles in the series, has shared the following message on this:

“V = 30, VII = 25, XI = 20

What do these numbers do mean?

Actually they are the anniversaries of Final Fantasy titles this year. Each year, several titles celebrate their anniversaries, but if you think well, so many series aligned in that way is quite unusual.

This is only possible thanks to passionate and lasting fan support as you for each game of the FF series. Thank you very much.

And this year, the Final Fantasy series itself celebrates its 35th anniversary.

We will continue working hard so that every game of Final Fantasy is one that you will remember for a long time.

NEW Final Fantasy Games Coming & Final Fantasy Website!

The FF 35th site will admit new releases and share information about upcoming titles and products. I hope you are excited for what is on the way to Final Fantasy! “

Regarding the games focused on the celebration, Square Enix has more than ready the launch of _Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin _ for next March 15, and chocobo gp for March 10. However, we could still see one more title. As you will know, today a new State of Play will be held with an approach in Japanese games, so _Final Fantasy XVI, could be part of this presentation.

On related topics, here we tell you how it is Final Fantasy VI Pixel Remaster Likewise, this year it would be revealed Final Fantasy VII Remake 2.

Editor’s note:

Final Fantasy is one of my favorite series and I am excited to see everything this anniversary will bring with it. Although my hopes are in FFFXVI and FFFVII REMAKE 2, it would also be good to see that the Pixel Remaster games reach consoles. We only have to wait.

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