How to raise a prize subscription to Chocobo GP

Chocobo GP is a racing kart in the style of Final Fantasy, in which you manage various characters from this series. During the game, you can unlock various things and collect currency. They are combined in a prize pass in Chocobo GP.

K Level is elevated its prize subscription in Chocobo GP, you will need getting experience playing in online CHOCOBO GP mode. As you can get the experience that opens levels in your prize subscription. Each level will provide you with different rewards.

How to get XP for prize pass in Chocobo GP

That is the only way to get XP for your prize subscription to Chocobo GP – play online game Chocobo GP. mode. This is the top left option on the title screen. In this mode, you compete with 64 other players in a departure tournament.

The better you will perform and take a place, the more XP you earn. Therefore, if you want to raise a prize subscription, you will need to play a lot in the CHOCOBO GP online mode. So fasten the seat belt and click on the pedal to the chocobo medal!

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