Play Chocobo GP for free?

Chocobo GP – Final Fantasy racing game for Nintendo Switch. This is the newest part of the Chocobo Racing series, and many are wondering: Is it a free game? Well, this is a multifaceted question, as there is a way to play for free, but permitted levels of the game may vary depending on the level of premium options. Let’s take a look.

Chocobo GP against Chocobo GP Lite

Chocobo GP Story Mode part 1 THE FINAL FANTASY RACING GAME! Gameplay Walkthrough

Chocobo GP has two different versions: full version and lightweight version. Lightweight version can be downloaded for free, and the full version can be purchased for the full cost. When you download the Lite version, some aspects of the game are blocked, for example, some character settings. You can also not get a premium version of the prize subscription in Lite.

Nintendo Online and lack of subscription

Unlike some other free Nintendo games, such as Fortnite, a multiplayer online game still requires an Nintendo online subscription. There are other ways to play, but for the main game mode you will really need a subscription Nintendo Online. The contents of the subscription, even in the non-premium version of the subscription.

In addition to all this, there are still several in-game currencies in the game, despite the opportunity to buy a full version of the game. This is definitely a strange balance of free and premium options.

To learn more about Chocobo GP, check out the section “How to raise a prize subscription to Chocobo GP” in the game manuals for professionals.

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