Square Enix fans are not happy with The Diofield Chronicle

Square Enix fans are not happy. Previous to the State of Play on yesterday, many expected final Fantasy XVI was present at this event. However, this was not the case. Along with this, when the trailer of _ The Diofield Chronicle _ started, the community celebrated the idea of ​​seeing a new Final Fantasy Tactics, Just to be disappointed when they discovered that this was not the case.

Through Twitter, many fans shared their disappointment by seeing that Square Enix’s most iconic franchise was not present at the State of Play. Immediately, Final Fantasy Tactics turned trend. Here we saw a series of comments that were happy with The Diofield Chronicle, which looks like the spiritual sequel of this tactical game, but there are others who are simply not happy with this ad .

“Less than a week after Square Enix launched a spiritual successor from Final Fantasy Tactics with a bad name that nobody bought, Square announced a new spiritual successor of Final Fantasy with a bad name that nobody will buy.”

“Square Enix really excited us with more than four advances and none of them was Final Fantasy 16”.

However, there are also those who are happy with the ads made by Square Enix on yesterday . You can learn more about The Diofield Chronicle Here. In the same way, these were the State of Play ads yesterday.

『The DioField Chronicle』Teaser Trailer

Editor’s note:

While it is true that it is time to see a new Final Fantasy Tactics, the options that are currently available, and will be within our reach, look very good. As a fan of the genre, I can not wait to play The diofield chronicle.

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