PS4 & PS5: With these announcements Sony can make everyone happy today

Sony announces spontaneously a new state of play. But what could be shown there? The instructions and supposed leaks of the past months suggest a few really good announcements.

What presents Sony today for PS4 & PS5?

In an official blog post, Sony announces a nearly 20-minute presentation. What only does not sound like much, but could still turn out as a true blessing for fans of certain gaminghen. (Source: Sony)

Thus, the announcement to the State of Play says that there will be primarily about games of Japanese developer studios in the presentation. On the one hand, there could be more to the upcoming Ghostwire: Toyko . After all, the scary action game is already in the starting blocks for the 25th of March.

What role-play fans hope, but above all, is a concrete publication date for Final Fantasy 16. and this will also come with high probability. Why? Quite simply: Producer Naoki Yoshida has said in a tweet in December itself that the next great revelation is scheduled for spring 2022.

The announcement was there in the same way as those to postpone the game:

It was also today the official final fantasy page for all upcoming games launched, matching the year’s 35th anniversary.

Whether something new to the second part of Final Fantasy 7 remake is announced is unclear.

What do fans want?

Also Resident-Evil fans sit on hot coals and hope for an announcement of a special kind: the remake to resident Evil 4. After part 2 and 3 have been successfully reissued, Capcom could work at least the next game, or ?

Sony Finally Announced Its PS5 Conference - IGN Now

JRPG players hope for a Playstation version of Shin Megami Tensei 5. The roleplay appeared exclusively on the Nintendo Switch last year. Atlus should plan, according to a leak, also PC ports and console versions. (Quele: RPG Site)

When and where does the State of Play take place?

  • When? On March 9 at 23 o’clock
  • Where? On Twitch and YouTube

We will also report on the most important announcements, so you miss nothing.

_The most likely announcement will probably have something to do with Final Fantasy 16. Already the power shown so far wants more: _

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