Pixel Limaster Version “Final Fantasy VI” Latest Update Delivery-Event Progress and Fixed Fix

Square Enix has delivered the latest update patch “Ver1.0.4” of RPG “ Final Fantasy VI ” Pixel Remaster for PC / Mobile.

Update fixes defects, such as if the battle does not progress under a particular state, or if it enters an incorrect position in a specific map. If the event scene is not displayed properly when the specific character is set to the map display, there is a problem with the survey and response regarding the disabling failure that becomes progress.

# Ver 1.0.4 Update Contents

  • Battle may not progress in a particular situation.
    We continued to cope with the last update.

  • If a specific character is set to map display and some events are advanced, the event scene may not be displayed normally, and rare cases may become unproducing.
    This case continues to survey and respond.

  • Some dungeons may be in progress and sometimes impossible under certain circumstances.

  • Moving the map from a specific position transitions to an incorrect map.

  • It may invade a position incorrectly with a specific map and may not be in progress.

  • An enemy technique “Humba Burd” is disengaged from the battle, disappears in the item menu equipped character.

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  • The lock can not be equipped with an armor “sneaky clothes” and “black charging”.

  • A weapon “Masamune” has not been available after a specific event.

Updates are already delivered in the STeam version, but at the time of article writing, the iOS / Android version store page has not been announced about delivery.

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