Gran Turismo 7: Sony removes sales game in Russia, but does not take a stand on the war in Ukraine

It was 10 days that the war in Ukraine broke out and if the conflict does not seem to find a favorable outcome, on the side of the actors of the world of entertainment, we multiply the shock interventions to show his dissatisfaction with the Government of Vladimir Putin. In the video game, for several days, many manufacturers and publishers have made known that it boycotted Russia in support of the Ukrainian people. Electronic Arts to start, then CD Projekt Red, Bloomber Team and more recently Microsoft that removes all of its products from Russian territory. On the Sony side, no position was made, the Japanese manufacturer obviously not wishing to pronounce on this subject. However, in a quite discreet way, Sony Interactive Entertainment has everything acute, since the Gran Turismo 7 game has not been marketed in Russia, at least in its dematerialized version.

Ukraine asks Xbox and PlayStation to give all of Russia the ban hammer

Our colleagues at Eurogamer found that the Playstation Store indicates a suspended output, without more precision, while the game is available in the rest of the world for a few hours. We do not know if this soft intervention of Sony Interactive Entertainment hides other maneuvers, but one thing is certain, companies follow each other and support themselves in this struggle to make the Kremlin flanked. We imagine that other actors will raise their voices in the coming days and weeks if the war in Ukraine continues…

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