Impressive cosplay awakens Sephiroth from Final Fantasy 7 to life

Final Fantasy: Top 10 Sephiroth Cosplays

In the recent past, there were numerous cosplays from the world of Final Fantasy 7. However, in most cases, these were limited to female characters such as Aerith and TiFa, while the male figures have come into appearance only very rarely. This now changes thanks to the recent factory of cladding artist “Bznintendo”.

Cosplay by Sephiroth from Final Fantasy 7

This cosplayer is no absolute novice in the scene. After all, he had already published photos of his panels as Shigaraki from My Hero Academia and Gaara from Naruto. But for too much a stir, he has not taken care of within the Cosplay scene. That may change with his most recent work.

“Bznintendo” is a big fan of Final Fantasy 7 in general as well as from the villain Sephiroth in particular. Therefore, he had made it the task of making a matching costume . The result can definitely be seen. The cosplay comes close to the original struck and trumps with many pretty details. That ranges from the actual costume, over the smaller accessories to the striking hairstyle of Sephiroth. On one of the many photos, he even carries a powerful sword, which makes the pose even more impressive.

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