Final Fantasy: Fans are missing the 9 most popular standard parts

The first “Final Fantasy” game already appeared over 30 years ago. Meanwhile, there are already 15 parts in the row, but which are the most popular with the fans? The fans have chosen.

Final Fantasy: Survey gives clarity about popularity

The Japanese Yahoo branch has recently launched a survey. Inquosted was after the most popular “Final Fantasy” game of the main series.

From the 18th to 28th February 2022 have participated around 29,000 people and thus creates a ranking. We present you and introduce you to the games. (Source: Yahoo)

9th Place: Final Fantasy XI

Final Fantasy XI is a online game . Unlike most parts of the series, you can compete here with others a trip through the world of Vana’diel.

You can choose from five different races, learn professions and fight for exciting and bosses with friends.

8th Place: Final Fantasy VIII

In Final Fantasy VIII, everything revolves around the lonely Wolf Squall Leonhart and his courageous team. The global superpower Galbadia explains the neighboring country the war and it’s up to you to protect Dollet. However, a random encounter with the open-hearted Rinoa Heartilly, Squall’s world sets its head. In addition, the mad witch EDEA makes life difficult.

In the year 2019 the game received a remastered with an improved graphic.

7th place: Final Fantasy IX

In Final Fantasy IX you accompany the Tantalus gang . This is a group of thieves that race as a theater group. You are to kidnap the princess Garnet from the Kingdom of Alexandria. However, that is not necessary, because she voluntarily goes with the gang, followed by Captain Steiner, who wants to protect his princess.

Final Fantasy 16: The CRITICAL Lessons to Learn from FFXV
On the journey you will meet the Black Magier Vivi and Quina Quen. Together they ventilate the secrets around a crystal and their own origin.

6th place: Final Fantasy XIV

Final Fantasy XIV is the second online game of the series. You choose your character from innumerable races, chooses the class that suits you, and crashes with friends into an adventure that extends over countless continents.

Meanwhile, five extensions to the basic game have appeared. Endwalker, the recent addon, appeared only in November 2021 and even leads you to the moon.

5th place: Final Fantasy IV

Final Fantasy IV is the first game of the series with the innovative combat system “Active Time Battle” . That is, you have a number of characters available, which come into the group during the course of the story and leave them again. In addition, everyone has their own class and can be trained individually.

Cecil is the only parent hero of the game in which you have betrayal, love and forgiveness.

4th place: Final Fantasy V

In Final Fantasy V, her Bartz accompanies his Chocobo companion, Princess Lenna of Schloss Tycoon, the mysterious Galuf and the pirate captain faris on an adventure. The group must save the crystals Earth, water, fire and wind . They lost their power and are just about the destruction.

3rd place: final fantasy x

Final Fantasy X tells the story of the young lightning ball game Tidus. Fate takes him to another world in which he meets among other things on the Medium Yuna. He helps her to preserve the world Spira before destroying a threat called “Sin”. Later as a sphero-hunter, she goes to the search for answers with her companions Rikku and Paine.

In the year 2013, the game received an HD Remaster with an improved graphics .

2nd place: Final Fantasy VI

Final Fantasy VI is the first game of the series, in which the Iconic Ultima weapon occurred , the most powerful of all swords.

In history, everything revolves around the Magi War, who left nothing but ashes and misery. Thousand years later, people have managed to rebuild important elements, but the magic has continued to disappear. Until a young girl named Terra appears, enslaved from the evil empire. The fateful encounter between Terra and a young man named Locke changed her fate.

1st place: Final Fantasy VII

In Final Fantasy VII, Cloud and a group called Avalanche want to defend the planet against the Shinra Inc. Group. The city of Midgar is already under the influence. Shinra consumes tons of mako energy and destroys the natural resources of the planet. That can not let Cloud and his friends.

In the year 2020, the action roleplay got a Remaster donated .

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Final Fantasy: When does the next game appear?

Currently Square Enix works on the next game of the series: Final Fantasy XVI . Not much to the game is still known, even a release window is not available yet. We’ll keep you up to date. _Im trailer can you make a first impression of the game: _

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