Elden Ring: Video shows how funny coop with souls

How are those players in Elden Ring, who have not liked a Souls game before? A veteran shared a video on Reddit, showing him along with a souls newcomer in Elden Ring. The two have a lot of fun without the question – the veteran but a little more, in some situations.

Elden Ring Co-op is Fun

Elden Ring: Souls veteran plays with his buddy, which is new in the FROM software universe

Elden Ring is the game of the hour and has been celebrating massive successes in terms of sales and player numbers since Release. Not every ELDEN ring visitor is a Souls veteran; Rather, it is quite likely that with the new game several Souls newcomers find in the ring and try to render against oversturish monsters. Since Elden Ring offers a huge open world , you can walk out of the way and eleven elsewhere until your own character is stronger.

But how do those who have not been able to do experiences with from-software games so far? On Reddit Souls veteran Jrainers shares a video in which he shows himself and his buddy, who has never touched a Souls game before. Right at the beginning you can see how the veteran masters a jump and look behind – but only a cry is heard, because his buddy has missed his landing place by a few millimeters. An experience that has certainly made every ELDEN ring player too. Look into the video yourself:

Elden Ring is and remains a damn difficult game, but with all the difficult opponents does not have to get lost at the games: Jrainer’s video also shows how much pleasure you can have in the coop in Elden Ring – and that not Everything always has to be taken so seriously.

If you want to play Elden Ring together with a particular friend, you can use one of you the Item Krusterfinger of the stained , while the other selects the Krusterfinger medicine – so the first player can participate in the Game of the Second. Elden Ring is released on February 25, 2022 for PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X | S and Xbox One.

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