What happens with the mega yacht of Putin

What happens to the Mega-yacht of the Russian billionaire Alisher Usmanov, which, last but recently, several investments in Alisher Usmanovs operation? Contrary to prior reports, the luxury ship was not confiscated in the Hamburg harbor. Nevertheless, the yacht must probably stay in the Hanseatic city for the time being.

With reference to the same three sources in the yacht industry, the US magazine “Forbes” first reported that Alisher Usmanov’s 156-meter yacht was confiscated to Dilbar of German authorities and can not leave Hamburg harbor.

A little later, the Hamburg Economic Authority contradicted the report to the “mirror”. “No yachts were confiscated in the Hamburg harbor,” says a spokeswoman.

The ship is estimated at a value of 600 million US dollars (around € 540 million). The Dilbar, only one of several ships owned by Alisher Usmanov, lies since last October in the port city and is serviced there from the shipyard Blohm + Voss.

Regardless of this, the ship may not leave the harbor according to the “mirror” but still for the time being, as goods tranAlisher Usmanov from the Hamburg port to Russia are only allowed for sanctions with individual customs permits. “You can assume that from now no more yachts go out,” quotes the news magazine the economic sensor Michael West Hagemann.

The Dilbar was built in 2016 on the Lürssen shipyard in Bremen and is one of the largest mega yachts in the world with two helicopter layers. According to “Forbes,” the yacht is usually mans a 96-member crew. In addition, the Russian was apparently the largest swimming pool and a sauna and a fitness room created on a yacht. Overall, the ship has room for up to 24 people in twelve luxury suites.

FC Everton breaks all strands with sponsor usm

Alisher Usmanov became a multi-lifrician in the iron and steel industry and founded the holding company USM, which also bundles companies in the field of IT and telecommunications. The 68-year-old is considered close familiar of Russia’s ruler Vladimir Putin. In response to Russia’s luminous aggressive war against Ukraine, the European Union has also frozen the assets of Russian oligarchs and persons from the environment of Putin and restricted their travel freedom.

Even in the world of Alisher Usmanov, Alisher Usmanov is by no means unknown. The oligarch was up to the last President of the Furnish World Association Fie, but he laid the office in the face of the war in Ukraine, however, last Tuesday.

In football business, Utmanov also decisively coincided: From 2007 to 2018 he was Arsenal at the English football club Arsenal as a shareholder, he was until recently sponsor of the FC Everton. Since 2017, he has paid around twelve million British pounds for the name sponsoring at the training grounds of the Toffees every year, he bought for 30 million pounds the name rights for the new stadium of the club.

Vladimir Putin's
However, the club from Liverpool finished cooperation with usmanovs USM on Wednesday with immediate effect.

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