The “FFXIV” distributor who calls the topic of Ukraine escape will talk about-official and fans

Final Fantasy XIV (FFXIV) ” The distributor Zepla reveals the details when he escaped from Ukraine.

Zepla is a streamer that is working on “FFXIV” that once lives in Ukraine Kyiv. About one month ago, she was confessed that she could not immediately leave the country because she moved her anxiety. She started to escape and she on the next day she reported that she started to escape and she wandered with pets in her neighboring country Poland on the same day as Russia invasion

This delivery has begun from Poland, which is her evacuation destination, and started with the word “I think it will be emotional delivery”. She says ZEPLA, and she did not think “She could come back” when she leaving the house. Such a doll of “Moguri”, a mascot character that appears in “FFXIV” that she had unknownly brought out from her home. She “she is not going to get rid of it (usually) and she laughs, while she laughs, she is proud that she has brought” Moguri “from the collection of numbers And she said.

She also mentions Zepla’s lover of Ukrainians. Although this lover, he lived in Kyiv, and he asked to come together to Lvish (adjacent to Poland) for her escape, she is from the circumstances such as her elderly mother’s nursing care It seems to have been refused.

And he put him and arrived in Rivi’s newly suffered from a new documents to bring her pet to foreign countries. About this matter, Zepla was based on what she was passing through the bomb for a border, and she said, “(no document) was not necessary (actually) Strongly claim. If you have not even this process, she said she could escape earlier who couldn’t remain in Kyiv as you.

It is a girl who finally escaped, but at that time, he said, “Ukraine does not surrender. It will be paid, and justice was d1. “

She announced that she has canceled the “Housing Automatic Removal Counter” for the reason for “the current world situation”. Between the fan communities, it has been reported that the players who have acquired the costume imitating the Ukrainian flag are prayed.

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