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If you have heard the Final Fantasy series, everyone listened, or you are still friends. Ostrich similar to the omnipotropes that resemble chicks have been achieved by a variety of monsters, NPC, pet, and ride. And now that the final banquet series, it was one of the rising mascots, and I also played as a character that represents the Final Fantasy in another game.

In addition, it was also made of a piece of spin-off series that attracted attention to the cute of Chokhobo, One of them was ‘Chokbo Racing’, which was released for playstations in 1999. This game, which has become familiar with Final Fantasy users such as Magley, Bhemo, and Biomosu, such as Magley, Bhemomos, BBW Chokle, Bhiomos, BBQ, The financial fantasy series fans were attracted to reinterpretation.

And on March 10, 2022, which is 23 years later, the newly trimmed ‘chocolate GP’ is released on the Nintendo switch. Unlike the previous work, we support Korean and confirmed Korea, and the experiential version of the Experience Plate is also deploying ‘Chokbo GP’ is a bit more in detail before it is a game.

■ Urang Tang Catracing by the original magic and character skills
▲ Chokbo Racing is now, now the chocolate race of Papan 14 will rise

In terms of Final Fantasy 14, in the existing Final Fantasy series often, a mini-game that makes a mini game that makes the Mi-Covori main material as a main material. It is difficult to explain why it is simply as simply that chocolate and the character of the original appearance are cute. In addition, Catracing, which has been changed to only the skin of the skin, is also hard to concentrate the challenge to the competition that is already in the market.

Square Enix was noticed to the unique magic system of Final Fantasy since Chokbo Racing to solve these troubles. In the Final Fantasy series, Fire-Pira – Pi – Pija is a parent magic for each magic, like Paija, which is a combination of cartracing games.

Normally, the items in Catracing are set to be unnecessary, they are not enhanced, they are not enhanced, they are not intended to be preliminary, or they are not holding more than three items. However, chocolate roacing can accumulate up to three multiple men during course running. When you have obtained the same nasa, you will upgrade to the top magic, and you can upgrade from the maximum final magic to the high-end magic.

The magic of the Final Fantasy series that appeared in chocolate roacing, is a firm, such as Fire, Thunder, Aero, Blizzard, and the like, each magic can be added to the permeability, or the enemy can be done for a longer time. For example, Fire is a magical series that blows the enemies in front of it, and it is a magical family that blows and blows it in the Fire state. When you upgrade to Pai, the fireballs take a break along the course and make all the enemies in the path once in the route.

Thunder is a magical that makes the enemy on the enemies in the course, with a magic that makes it not driven for a while, and the time to bind competitors rather than the fire, but there is an advantage that it can be confirmed to the opponent who has not been a barrier without a barrier in thunderstorms. Each time you are upgraded, you can run the charter time and you can specify the character of the whole course. Blizzard is an attack on another cartracing game, but at the final upgrade of Blizzah, the final upgrade of the Catiza is wrapped in all the characters in the course excluding themselves as ice crystals, interfering with driving for a while, and makes the airborne state immediately.

In addition to reorganizing the magic of the original as well, in addition to reorganizing the magic, the other cartracing game was a magical implementation. As an example, a few seconds after the magic or activated, after a magic or activated month after a magic or activated month after a magic or activated, I spent.

If the existing chocolate racing does not acquire the same nasa, it is not upgraded, but this chocolate GP has been changed to enable the same nail, regardless of the sequence of acquisition. The upper magic effect was also changed accordingly. Unlike Chokhobo Racing in Choco Boro GP, unlike in Chokbo Racing, it has been changed to a magical to drop a huge fireball to the first place.

** ■ Classes of different abilities and machines, drift and tricks,

In the Choco Boro GP, each character was induced not only for each character as well as a different riding characteristics and a different racing strategy based on the unique ability. The linear course traveling is good, but it is good to be careful to avoid the attack on the ground, such as chocolate, Blizzard and Fire, which should be careful for the cornering, but it is good to continue to be afraid to avoid the attack on the ground. However, Except for the ability to accelerate only the ability to accelerate, the speed is slow, but the speed is slow, but the course of the corner is the best, and the course of the course has a clearer feature of the flourish such as a fat-chocolate that can be safe without brake.

The unique factor of these chocolate roacing is evenly transplanted in the Choco Boro GP, while changing some directing, and every character has been a more personality for each character. Bihimos’s rushing was that the booster effect was changed to the orange series color in the past, but in Choco Boro GP, Bhemo GP launched the tank that Bihumos was riding, and showed a more advanced production. In addition, the character lineup has been changed, and the ability to not pretend to be previously presented while the technology develops, and some character ability has been added to the Choco Boro GP or some character availability

For example, Chokbo was holding a booster at the time of chocolate Racing, but this time, this time, this time, the rings that increase the speed of the speed at a constant interval were changed to the ability to summon the rings. On the other hand, Shiromawa Bibi stops the enemy magic of the previous work, and the counter is maintaining the ability to upgrade the barrier and nas. The newly added ‘Giliga Mesh’ on this chocolate GP holds an ability to install a randomly installed sword on the course, and other characters are not driven in the case of contact with the gentle. In addition, new characters added to this Act will be able to play different plays different from their previous work, such as moving to the moment, such as movement or emergency, etc., etc.

In addition, we have further strengthened the fun of drift and tricks, and racing games. Especially, when using a booster, the use of a drift is expected to continue for a longer booster, and the utilization of the booster that is limited in the linear traveling course only in the conventional chocolate roacing is expected to increase. It is also possible to add a normal, grip, and a speed type machine for each character, and it is also possible to pick up the same type according to tracks and strategies.

■ If you are a Papran fan, you can have a nice map and various modes, more extended experience with online GP

In 1999, Chokbo Racing was a state-of-the-art story that deals with the adventure that the Chokhobo leaves with his colleagues. I picked up the roller from Seed before leaving the trip to Chokbo, and I picked up a course of the Final Fantasy fans as the theme shows a course that appeared as a theme,.

This chocolate GP also has a course with various places of the final fantasy as a theme. While chocolate Racing is centered on the village and dungeon of the Final Fantasy series released prior to 1999, Choco Boro GP also appears several places that have been released later. According to the TGS 2021 special broadcasting, we will showcase a course as a theme, as a result of the test courses in Chubo Racing, as a Test Course in Chubo Racing. In addition, the privilege character ‘Cloud Stripe’ and ‘Zaldron Heart’, which are cutting on the story mode several times in chocolate roacing, is also seen in this work.

Kotori Pilot Prodigy vs Goro-Goro Sharuum, Tevesh Szat & Keskit | MTG EDH Gameplay
In the main mode of Choco Boro GP, we look at the “Story Mode”, which will take care of the characters and machines with Chokbo, and in addition to the ‘Story Mode’, which will take the choice mode, Single play contents prepared from chocolate roacing, such as ‘Series Race Mode’, “Custom Lace Mode”, which will compete for the first place, are given to the Choco Boso GP. It also supports ‘Multiplayer Mode’ and up to 64 people who enjoy online or local multiplayer as well as online or local multiplayer.

Chocolate GP will be released on March 10, the Nintendo Switch, and now you can download the free trial version ‘Choco Borite GP light’ that can only play story mode prologue and local, online play in Nintendo E Shop.

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