69th Live letter from FFXIV: ads to remember on 6.1

If the previous letter from the Live producer returned globally on the future of FINAL FANTASY XIV , that of today focused primarily on the update 6.1. This will be for title “Newfound Adventure” and is scheduled for mid-April. With such a title, and if we look at the artwork, we immediately understand that the 6.1 will result in the players to a new chapter of the story that will have the heavy task of taking over from the Hydaelyn Arc and Zordiarche closed with Endwalker.

What are the important points to remember “Newfound Adventure”?

New Epic Quests

A brand new adventure will begin, and the heirs of the seventh dawn will be to the maneuver to assist the player. For now, only Estinian and Tatura have been put forward. No further information about what the new epic neither the new danger will be introduced.

FFXIV Live Letter LXIX Summary | Patch 6.1 Overview

New series of secondary quests: the Tarabacture

A rumor runs among the players that Taturu would actually be a devil agent who hides his game from the beginning, and that his goals are diabolical (no).

A new series of secondary quests with Star Tatura will be offered with this update and will continue up to 6.5. We will not fail to ask the question about what this “taugacture” is…

Quest “Conclusion” for role quests

In the same way as what had been made for Shadowbringers , an additional “conclusion” role quest will be introduced when updating 6.1. It will be necessary to have completed all the role quests available in Endwalker to unlock it.

New Tribal Quests: Arkasodaras (update 6.15)

The first series of tribal quests will conceer the arkasodaras and will be dedicated to combating classes.

News gentleman quests detective (update 6.15)

The Hildibrand Detective Gentleman will make a great return when updating 6.15. Naoki Yoshida seems to announce that the development team was unleashed to produce “costly” cinematics. We can not wait to see the result! For the moment a single image is available… which immediately gives the tone.

omega: new adventure (update 6.1x)

For those who have arrived in the latest area of ​​Endwalker, but also makes a certain Dungeon 90 of this area, you have surely noticed a certain link with the history of the omega raid series that was available for the Stomblood extension. In order to further enrich this aspect, one (of?) Quest will be introduced to bring a form of conclusion there too.

redesign of the quests of “A Realm Reborn” (Missions of 2.0 only)

In order to make the quests for ** A Realm Reborn even more pleasant, some will be improved (often drastically). So we will have:

• Cap Vendouest, with for Boss RhitaThn Sas Arvina, which becomes an instantiated combat of exclusively solo epic (with NPCs?) As we have now seen several epic quests.

• The Castrum Meridianum dungeon that goes to 4 players (instead of 8 earlier)

• The Praetorium dungeon that will be divided into 3 separate elements: a dungeon for 4 players who will encompass the beginning to the fight against Gaius, a challenge named “Porta Decumana” for 4 players resuming the fight against Ultima, and an instantiated fight of Solo epic for the final fight against Lahabrea.

Given these modifications, the “epic” random roulette will be modified and adjusted rewards. It will encompass the new Castrum Meridianum to 4 players, the 4-player praetorium, and the Porta Decumana Challenge (Ultima).

Developers are thinking of making some modifications on King Moggle Mog XII’s Challenge without saying more.

New system: Reinforcements

Reinforcements are a special version of the Award system for epic mission in RealM Reborn. In the future, the Adopted will only refer to the Avatar’s “Alter Ego” Avatar Progression System. This system will only be available for Quests 2.0 during Patch 6.1 and will be usable for 4-player dungeons, but also challenges. Your PNJ team members will be chosen automatically depending on your class / job. The next patchs will offer reinforcements for the 2.x and Heavensward . The development team tries to adapt the system of reinforcements for 8-player challenges, but announces that it will not be available for raids of 24 players.

new instantiated dungeon

A new dungeon will be available for update 6.1 but it is entirely held in secrecy, surely to avoid any spoil of the epic.

New Challenge: Final Responses (Extreme)

The chant of annihilation returns to extreme version. It will expect a full challenge, but not impossible. Naoki Yoshida wanted to respect the desired difficulty by developers who ensured not making it too easy.

New unreal challenge: Ultima (unreal) scourge

New unreal challenge proposed to players: the plague of Ultima. It is recalled that unreal challenges are ephemeral occasions of old “old” combats in booting them to suit the current Max level (NIV 90).

New Series of Alliance Raids: The Erzean Myth (Part 1)

The “twelve” has for a long time been a mystery (mainly during the epics 1.x and 2.0) and Endwalker finally proposes to learn more via this new series of Alliance Raid (24 players) having for the name “The Erzean myth”. Who are they, and what are their secrets?

New Fatal Raid: War of Dragons Song (Update 6.11)

For fighting enthusiasts that push all the limits, they will likely find their account with this new fatal raid, with qualified phases “of frightening”, according to Noaki Yoshida. Obviously the old dragons have reconciled… for our greatest misfortune or happiness!

News JCJ

With the removal of “The Feast”, a new mode replaces it: the “Crystallline Conflict”. Improvements of JCJ actions are on the program, with adrenaline discharge for each job. A new reward system will also be integrated.

NEW Special Commands: Ameliance (Update 6.15)

The new personality chosen for this specific content of the disciples of the hand and the earth will be Ameliance Lever, the mother of the two famous twins. No change announced, there will always be any specific deliveries of harvesting objects, fishing, or crafts.

new residential area: empyrea

The 6.1 patch will see the opening of the housing area in Ishgard: empyrea. Purchasing land will therefore be subject to new purchasing conditions (direct purchase, or via a lottery).

Character card

Players will be able to create a personalized business card.


A glossary of the characters and terms of the game will be introduced with the update 6.1. The elements will be added by progressing in the epic and over the patch that will follow. All characters and terms will not be immediately available.

Travel between data centers (update 6.18)

Players will be able to visit the worlds of other data centers that are in the same region as theirs. For example, for European players, it will be possible to travel between light and chaos data centers. It will then be possible to participate in missions with players other data centers.

The return and return trips will be done via a menu on the character selection screen. When a player will be on another data center, the title “Barudeur” will be displayed to identify it as such.

Note that restrictions will apply to communications between journey players and those of the world of origin.

New Fashion Quests New Part +

Players will be able to redo the quests of the Endwalker extension (6.0) and some of those of 6.1.

fitting room of the online store

A new menu will allow you to try the payouts of the online store FFXIV . Practice to try before buying, or push you to the crime by encouraging you to buy (it is to choose).


• Hrothgar and Vieras will have new haircuts

• Players will have 5 extra boards for mirages. Developers will try to increase the maximum number of objects stored in the dressing table Mirage from 400 to 800 locations for updating 6.2.

• The mirage dressing table will be available in new places, in addition to the hostel.

• New animations will be added when players are inactive using the umbrella mode accessory.

• A mark will be displayed on objects already owned with mascottes, mounts, etc. A filter option taking into account this element will be introduced in the sales hotel to avoid buying duplicates.

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