Xbox Games Pass, First Day Addition Title Disclosure

Microsoft is a “Wave: Change Ties”, a Microsoft Flight Simulator ‘,’ Wrightning Returns: Final Fantasy XII (Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII). The game subscription service said that it is added to the Xbox Game Pass.

Microsoft is supporting the Xbox Game Pass through consoles, PCs, iOS and Android mobile devices to enjoy the desired games anytime, anywhere. It is also constantly enhancing the content lineup to meet the various tastes of the users.

Wave: Change of Change (Far: Changing Ties) – Console / PC / Cloud Support * March 1

Beautifully implemented Post Apocalypse World As the background of Adventure Games ‘Wave: Changes’, the waves of changes are leaving the amazing journey to the ship with a special atmosphere. It is a heroine ‘toe (TOE)’ to hold the vessel’s key, sail the flooded world and solve the puzzle, and submersible forces to find a new residence.

Microsoft Flight Simulator – Cloud Support * March 1

Xbox Game Pass Games in March - IGN Daily Fix

‘Microsoft Flight Simulator’ can now be seen through Xbox cloud games. Xbox One, Smartphone, Tablet, PC, etc., such as the existing equipment, such as a variety of devices, and the weather changes in the world, as well as a dynamic and realistic world’s weather changes, as well as real-time atmospheric simulations, and confirm their own steering skills.

Lightning Returns Final Fantasy 13 (Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII) – Console / PC Support * March 3

‘Lightning Return Final Fantasy 13’ offers a new game world, battle system, and extended customized capability. The ‘Final Fantasy 13’ series of the main character lightning (lightning) will face the destiny of the world on the shoulder once again at the end of the world until the end of the world, and faced the final challenge.

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