“FF14” A rally of players supporting Ukraine is witnessed. Light warriors who offer prayer in blue and yellow clothes

Final Fantasy XIV ” (hereinafter referred to as “FF14”) seems to be a meeting by players in part, focusing on overseas servers. It has been reported at various sites such as Twitter and Reddit for several days. The background seems to have the news of Ukraine invasion by Russia.

As the current report continues in Japan, the Russian army invades Ukraine from February 24. The Russian side explains that it is a special military operation from the so-called conceptual control area approved the other day. According to the report, the explosion is confirmed by the capital city Kyiv, and the martial law is issued in Ukraine.

In response to these news, there is a demonstration that complains against anti-war in the real world. And this movement seems to have an impact on the game. In “FF14”, players who support Ukraine conducted a meeting focusing on Lich servers and Shiva servers. It seems that I was gathered in Limara Rominasa, wearing blue and yellow dyed clothes according to the flag of Ukraine. They can also follow Twitter hashtags such as “#ffxiv” and “# ukraine”. It can be said that the influence of the “FF14” streamer is large in the background of the meeting that has been temporarily scared by the player fills the screen.

Twitch Streamer Jessica ‘Zepla’ St. John (hereinafter referred to as Zepla) is a “FF14” player in Kyiv of Ukraine, and Twitch followers have more than 220,000. The other day, Videos posted by Zepla said the future concerns for Ukrainian invasion of Russia and had a topic. Interview articles to Zepla by overseas media are also released, and the fan community in the game was also supporting support for she escaped Kyiv.

Sometimes Ukrainian invasion of Russian army has begun, she also rose many voices to worry about her safety. Zepla has reported that she is currently in Poland at her Twitter on her Twitter. She told her unchanged her feelings to Ukraine. She has resumed her delivery activities for the first time in a week since I entered this month.

In the way of a meeting posted on overseas bulletin boards reddit, there is also a comment of Ukrainian player who appreciates the figures of the community that supports Ukraine. The state of activity by these players was also taken up with overseas media pcgamesn. It seems that the joints of the border community in the “FF14” seem to see a glimpse. In any case, I would like to pray for the safety of players living locally and their families.

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