This TIFA Cosplay from Final Fantasy 7 is just gorgeous

In the recent past there were already several cosplays from the world of role-playing Final Fantasy 7 to see. Not only was the lovely Aerith, but above all the somewhat Toughere Tifa in focus. The latter is also the star of the recent cosplay from the cladding artist “Lana Rain”, which we do not want to pretend you.

Gorgeous cosplay from TIFA from Final Fantasy 7

The artist seems to be a big fan of Tifa. The enormous love for detail , which is clearly visible in this cosplay, is not explained. It already starts with the actual costume that scares the original damn. Even such little things like leather straps, gloves and the matching earrings can be seen. Also on a wig with the long black hair, the cosplayer has thought.

Another factor that makes this work so worth seeing is the staging of the photo and its post-processing. Thanks to special filters and blur effects, it looks as if it were not a picture, but about a screenshot directly from the game. At least the atmosphere is absolutely consistent.

By the way, “Lana Rain” has already made a name for a cosplay before its paneling. Under their panels, there is a AHRI Cosplay from League of Legends.

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If your cosplay likes this kind, there is still much more to discover. Thus we do not mean other panels as TIFA from Final Fantasy 7, but also of characters from other well-known gaming marks. Among other things, Ellie from The Last of Us 2 or Aloy on Horizon: Zero Dawn would be called. In addition, the somewhat penetrated Jinx from the Netflix series Arcane is currently high in the course.

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