The top five mods for Cities: Skylines in 2020

Villes: Horizons is probably one of the best cities building titles on the market today. In competition with series such as Civilization, Villes: Horizons offers a more modern experience in terms of what you can build and how you can connect everything. However, even if it’s an excellent game alone, there are still tracks to improve the overall experience using mods. So, what are the best mods for villes: Horizons in the year 2020?

1. Bulldoze it!

This mod was created by the Steam Keallu user and helps you stay focused on the most important problems and projects. In Villes: Horizons, some buildings and houses burn randomly or can be abandoned if left in a bad part of your city. With the bulldoze it! Mod, these structures that are no longer used are automatically destroyed.

Normally, you will have to click on it and demolish them yourself. In addition, abandoned buildings can sometimes be difficult to spot, which means they occupy a precious place in your city. However, with this mod, you no longer need to find them and destroy them manually.

2. More embellishment

Created by user Steam BloodypeNguin, if you are looking for an extra aesthetics in your city, it’s the mod you need. More embellishment adds more than 65,000 accessories to your menu in the game, which can then be added to your city by clicking a button.

Available in the “Decoration” tab, you can choose which accessory you want and install it on your island. For example, if you want a billboard for the side of a building, you can add a number from this mod.

3. Electric routes

The two previous mods on this list were mainly for the aesthetic side of things in Villes: Horizons. However, this mod created by the user Steam Klyte45 improves the gameplay and the aesthetics at a time.

Electric Roads transforms each route you build in electric driver. So with this mod you will not have to worry about placing electric poles in your streets and your fields. In addition, this leaves room for expansion because you will not have any poles that will block the road.

4. Cards of the cities of the real world

This mod, created by several steam users, takes the elements of villes: Horizons and applies them to the cities of the real world. So, if you think you are up to, you can load in one dozen real cities and try to make them work properly.

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So far, you have the choice between 36 cities. Cities go around the world, including cities in Russia, Spain, Mexico, Brazil, Italy, India and much more. Once you have selected a city, you will receive the basic layout, then it’s up to you to decide which buildings go where, as in the standard version of villes: Horizons.

5. Cities: Skyrim

Who does not like a crossover with one of the best-selling games of the generation? With this mod, created by the user Steam Roboasimov, you are transported on the card of the elder scrolls v: skyrim. Once you have loaded, you have all the latitude to build what you want through the beautiful landscape.

Complete with mountains, rivers and landscapes mainly on a scale, you can build a replica close to each Skyrim location. Or, you can take the freedom to put your own spin on the map. This mod requires another villes: horizons mod to execute, being the field texture replace.

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