Elden Ring Down: Developers take server offline and screws on the performance

Elden Ring was temporarily down in the past night. In the run-up to the maintenance, the developers on Twitter announced the concrete times for the individual platforms \ – and gave smaller info appets to the optimizations they made in the course of the downtime. On Steam, the servers were afterwards from 5 to 6 o’clock down, on Xbox from 4 to 5 o’clock and on PlayStation from 3 to 4 o’clock. “For the ELDEN RING servers, maintenance work on the next few days to improve the multiplayer functions ,” says from software. Concrete details on the played optimizations did not call the developers initially.

Server optimizations for Elden Ring

In the course of the downtime, the Elden Ring-makers should have played additional improvements **, which benefits general server stability. The onslaught on the servers of the action role-playing game was huge on the weekend, a new sales record was placed on Steam. Players reported around the launch error messages and connection difficulties.

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Update brought performance improvements

Whether maintenance work brought the hoped-for improvements will show itself in the coming days. By the way, the download of an additional update is not required. Last weekend, the developers had played an additional patch, which primarily on the performance on PC and PS5 screwed. Who needs help with the new adventure, looks into our entry-level tips for Elden Ring (Buy Now 53.99 € / 50.99 €). The new action roleplay is available on PC, PlayStation and Xbox.

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