Kirby test and the forgotten world

Kirby and the forgotten world begins while a large part of the Kirby planet is sucked through a dimensional fault. If the first image of the planet on which the game takes place is a beach on which Kirby wakes up (which is a wink at the opening of Link’s […]


NHN, block chain strategy P & E game Rise of Starz

NHN has been supporting the efficient P & E game development of the ‘Lite Care’ of the Wimade Max (Joint Representative Jang Hyun Bok, Lee Gil). NHN (CEO) announced on the 30th that “Rise of Stars” developed by Light Connect and provide a game platform ‘gamebase’ and to provide a […]

Peter Hermann becomes 70

This Tuesday, March 22, Peter Hermann will be 70 years old. The former professional, who had completed 216 games for Bayer 04, was later on the side of Chef Trainer Jupp Heynckes (76) whose assistant in Leverkusen (2009 to 2011) and at