From March 1, the proof of inoculation, voice confirmation system (defense pass)

The government stops the defense path from March 1.

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28th Corona Viral Reconciliation -19 Central Disaster Safety Measures Headquarters (Derivative Documents) In the meeting, a defense of defense is discussed.

The interrogator is reported to the Central Properties of the Central Breakfast Office (hereinafter referred to as a central disaster) headquarters (hereinafter referred to as a subtitle), Pass and Health Center for this was suspended to issue voice confirmation.

This defense of the defense is considered to be a high-risk group. It is considered to be a regular basis for the central defense. From March 1, a confirmed work of confirmation is to exempt the isolation period, regardless of whether it is inoculation, but it is possible to shorten the quarantine period of a confirmed medical person to 3 days, so that the defense policy It is an explanation that you wanted to increase consistency.

Currently, in the health center (screening clinic, temporary screening clinic), we have a rapid antigen inspection of 250,000 cases, which is more than half of them.

During the rapid antigen inspection of the health center (screening / temporary screening), it is more than half of the voice confirmation of the voice of the voice (55.5% on February 20), recently, the number of healthcare RAT inspection voice confirmation for the recent week It reaches from 16 to 22 days).

In particular, it is a judgment that the need to focus on testing the testimonial examination resources that are limited to over 170,000 or more.

In addition, recent court decisions (February 23, a restaurant under the age of 60, a restaurant under the age of 60. The exhibition of the Cafe’s application, the exhibition of the Cafe, the exhibition in Gyeonggi Province. It is an explanation that it is an explanation that it has been aimed at resolving the dismantling of the area, whether or not the defense pass is applied.

This adjustment is subjected to a provisional defense application for all facilities. The 11 multi-use facilities and infection vulnerability facilities, which are currently being applied, and 50 meetings. Rally. For events, the application of defense passes will be discontinued until separate issued from 0 March 1.

The adolescent defense passes that were scheduled for April 1 will be discontinued. However, this adjustment is currently a provisional measure that considers policies.

With the defense, the voice confirmation of the voice confirmation of the Public Health Center will be interrupted from March 1. From March 1, a voice confirmation should be issued in a private medical institution if voice confirmation is required for the purpose of defense.

Depending on the discontinuation of the audio identity of the Public Health Center, administration for this is planned to invest in testing and telecommunication management for high risk groups. This is expected to increase the burden of the public health center and enable it to be able to respond more quickly and efficiently, making it possible to enhance the prevention capabilities.

Despite the suspension of the defense of the defense, the Passusceptoria, the aforemention and death prevention of immunization, and the immunization of the immunocratization were clearly involved in the immunization of the immunocrine infection.

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