Final Fantasy 16: Release 2022 is not very likely according to insiders

Who has Bock on action role-playing games, can not really complain much. Currently, Horizon Zero Dawn and – for the hard-minded – Elden Ring the charts. Funfact incidentally incidentally: The action roleplay of the Japanese game schemes from Software is so attractive with its Open World that there are no souls borne lovers. This in turn ensures entertaining Fail compilations of ELDEN ring streamers .

But back to another Japanese studio, Square Enix namely. There, among other things, the JRPG Final Fantasy XVI is crafted, to which there will be new information confirmed in the spring of 2022 by Game Producer Naoki Yoshida. However, it seems that we can not expect a release of Final Fantasy 16 in 2022 – at least doubts the industry insider Jason Schreier from Bloomberg to such plans. That would not be completely surprising, but still a pity, right?

Final Fantasy 16 not in 2022 – because of Final Fantasy 14?

Jason Schreier, the name is every gaming interested party, which also pursues news and rumors, a term. In the Forum Resetera, Jason Schreier (Via Gamesradar) had taken that he considers a release of FFXVI in 2022 for little probably. One reason for this could be of his view that Final Fantasy 16 would be made by the same team as Final Fantasy 14, and its enlargement endwalker would have been the top priority last year. Interesting detail: Yreier speaks that endwalker had been postponed several times – but we officially only know from a shift.

But as far as Final Fantasy 16 is concerned, the opportunities for a 2022 release are not particularly good, but they should not be held unlikely for absolutely unlikely. For like Naoki Yoshida once found the silence around the game : In the best case, there will be something shortly after the next game performance for the fans. As we know, we will receive 2022 news on FF16 in the spring of 2022. The hope that the JRPG could then seem shortly thereafter, should one keep themselves – though they should not rise in the infinite.

Final Fantasy 16 - Everything We Know In 2022

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