What opera? What is the magician? February 24 release “Final Fantasy VI” Pixel Remaster & SFC & PS & GBA Edition Scene Thorough Comparison [Special Feature]

Square Enix releases RPG “ Final Fantasy VI Pixel Remaster for PC / Mobile on February 24, 2022. This work is a work that remastered with new graphics & sound based on RPG “Final Fantasy VI” released for Super Nemocon in 1994.

So far, in this work to decorate the end of the Pixel Limaster version that has appeared from “Final Fantasy” to “Final Fantasy V”, the fate of the main character with each purpose “Main character” group play of the main character “main character” Will be drawn.

In this paper, we will compare the scenes of Super Famicom & Playstation & Game Boy Advance version according to the “Final Fantasy VI” Pixel Remaster’s published screenshot just before the release.

# Masterpiece! With “Final Fantasy VI”

The original version “Final Fantasy VI” is released for Super NES in April 1994. A single girl “Tina” with the power of magical power in the world that the world was lost from the world by the “Devil War” that happened a thousand years ago And the story drawn by the friends to fate.

In this work where all “main characters are the main character” and the official introduced in the formula, the character that can be operated in the field plane is greatly changed. There are also many scenes where you can set party members freely, and events that make the individuality of the characters are also available.

As a system, player preferences can be fostered by “Magic Stone Systems”, which acquire magic beasts and acquire magic, and “accessories” with various abilities. In addition, each character can enter a “Hisatsui”, which will enter a command for a fighting game, and you can combat a variety of strategies, with the unity, such as “Mafu Ken” to suck the magic during battle. am.

# 3D movie and additional dungeon too! Past transplanted versions are also introduced

“Final Fantasy VI” is also very popular, such as “full fantasy big vote” that NHK broadcasts in 2020 is also the third place in the work sector, “Final Fantasy VI”. Not only the 1994 Super Famicom Version, but also transplants for other models have been conducted several times.

The PlayStation version “Final Fantasy VI” is released in March 1999. Although the content is almost no change with the original version, additional elements such as 3D movies and monster pictorial books are installed. In addition, in the original version, if you do not have accessories “Dachus”, you have made it possible to dash in the initial state that it could not be moved at 2x speed (if the “dashes” is equipped with “dash 4x speed), some of the systems Changes are added.

Game Boy Advance Version “Final Fantasy VI Advance” is released in November 2006. Volume-up of game content is being performed such as new dungeons, magic stones, magic, and the addition of the strongest equipment for each character. A UI change such as face graphics at the time of conversation is also conducted, and since the number of buttons is less than other model versions, there are also many fine changes such as changing some operation methods.

In the Pixel Limaster version, Mr. Shibuya, who has been created directly as the series of series, directly produces all player characters. Composers and Uematsu Aoi Keio Matches the Arrange Sound with full supervision, and you can enjoy vivid graphics and BGM. In addition, elements that can enjoy the world of games such as monster pictorial books, illustration galleries, sound players, have also been added.

Besides, there were Versions delivered with PC / Mobile, but here we have finished sales with the delivery of Pixel Remaster.

# What happened to that scene? Pixel Limaster & Other Model Version Thorough Comparison!

From here, we will thoroughly compare the screenshot of the game published on the Steam store page and the Super Famicom & PlayStation & Game Boy Advance version.

In addition, the order of images is uniformed with “ Pixel Remaster → Super Nemporary → PlayStation → Game Boy Advance “.

# # ■ Fly boat and world scenery 1

The pixel remaster version is easier to see the minimop, and it can be seen that the topography is widely displayed in a large topography. Besides, there are differences between the brightness of the screen, but there is no significant change in depiction.

# # ■ Combat (Auto Bowgun)

Is there a major change that MP is displayed in the information window in the Pixel Remaster Version? You can also check the combat speed up icons as well as the past pixel remaster version. The display of “auto bow gun” is a fine difference that it will disappear before the activation in other models.

# # ■ Combat (Orthros)

Mascot (?) And orthos representing “Final Fantasy VI”. It was the same for the battle screen of the auto bow gun, but in the Pixel Remaster version, you can see that the left and right of the combat field is more widely displayed. By the way, the playstation version Edgar is equipped with “Hermes”.


# # ■ Fly boat and main characters

Game is quite important scenes. Pixel Remaster Version can be confirmed that “There is no face graphic at the time of conversation” and “Some character design has changed.” It is fine, but the old FF6 was half-width character name of the conversation.

# # ■ Character window (Magic Stone)

The UI is greatly different, such as the displayed information. Also, the character is a face graphic except for the Pixel Remaster Edition.

# # ■ Fly boat and the world’s landscape 2

I know when I look at the shadow of the air boat, but the expression of the back Yuki has changed considerably.

■ Opera

It is a good Opera with an event that symbolizes this work. You can see that the stage expression, background, and character pose is greatly changed in the Pixel Remastered version. In addition, it has been revealed that a 7 language singing is recorded in the opera in the Pixel Remaster version.

# # ■ Monster picture book

※ There is no super nervy version

It seems that the style where monsters are arranged on the map, which were also past pixel remaster versions, are also adopted. It is great that the information is fine from the time of the playstation version.

■ Bonus: Meteor Strike on Magic Car

The image of the scene that the main character mash decided to “Meteo Strike” that the main character mash decided to “Meteo Strike” that the main character mash decided to the enemy character “Magical Car” on February 13, 2022, the main character mash decided to “Meteo Strike”.

“Meteo Strike on Magic Rank” is a famous shocking scene from the original era of Super Famicom Version, such as to lift the overwhelming size magic rows . However, just lifting and dropping with the published video, the magic rail did not turn back.

Many series fans pointed out a sense of discomfort for this video. The official Twitter promises to “adjust to suit the release version” as it was pointed out from many fans in the form of postcrossing this post on February 18. The shocking scene following the original version seems to be able to enjoy the pixel remaster version. Here we will put another model version, so please look forward to the release.

As a detailed difference, the game Boy Advance version is displayed to see the mash. The picture of the pixel remaster version and the mash are visible.

On the next page, we publish super Famicom & Playstation & Game Boy Advanced image such as the scene that I am looking forward to.

On the next page, “I want to see in Pixel Master” such a scene and such a scene!

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