Krypto-Gaming: Keine NFTs in Final Fantasy XIV

In his 68. Letter from the producer Live went Naoki Yoshida to the concerns of the fans that there could be NFTs in Final Fantasy 14 in the future. He confirmed that there are currently no plans to implement this type of business model in the MMO. Although he was quite a certain potential in designing computer games more interesting, but NFTs also need a certain kind of game concept to work at all. This simply did not exist in Final Fantasy 14.

_ “Based on the design of Final Fantasy 14, we do not have to install any kind of NFT element in the game if someone is concerned about it. I can not say that we do not plan at the moment. to install this in the game. We will not use NFTs in Final Fantasy 14. “_

NFT in FFXIV? No, let

The discussion was triggered by the New Year of Square Enix’s President Yosuke Matsuda , in which he talked about the possibilities of NFTs and Blockchains. In it, he emphasized about the potential to address players who desire to contribute more to their favorite game and in return to have more of it when, in pure user-generated content, the case is usually the case. Since also Final Fantasy 14 comes from Square Enix, the concern in the community had made its way that this technology could keep a creeping way here.

Yoshi-P Confirms NO Intentions For NFTs in FFXIV!

These worries were now cleared by Naoki Yoshida with his cancellation to the NFTs in Final Fantasy 14. However, Yoshida also emphasized that he finds the technology quite interesting and hoping for an opportunity to respond in more detail in a suitable interview to the topic.

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