COD: Warzone – New secret weapon against cheater makes you a hacker

The developers of Call of Duty: Warzone have already integrated new anti-cheat measures into the game a few weeks ago, who drive unfair players to the white lug. Now there was another update, which ensures that you will be short-handed to the hacker, if you duel you with a cheater.

Warzone anti-cheat system ensures curious scenes

Warzone has actually struggled with cheaters since the official release. Again and again, players complain about unfair opponents, which thanks to Wallhack, Aimbot and Co. without further ado lives.

For a few weeks, however, the sheet seems to have turned – now the cheaters complain at once. Because instead of being banned by the system, the developers punish the evil boys on another, more creative way . Recently, a clip made the round, which clearly shows that the cheater’s weapon is barely harmed from his victims.

Now seems to have been added a further measure: players who are hit by the cheater will be invisible on the spot and can no longer be tracked by the hacker – so they are almost even the hacker. How the whole thing looks like in action shows a reddit clip of the user Charlie_in_The_Bush:

The reddit post was now over 2,300 upvotes Single, almost 200 people have given comments below. Most players are looking forward to how the cheater was presented and to taste their own medicine. They seem to agree that this approach is much more effective than a simple spell.

_ Seit around a week Season 2 is online in Warz1. What the new season is available for the players shows a short gameplay trailer: _

The new system shows effect

Warzone Ricochet Anti Cheat In Action By Making Legit Players Invisible!? 100% Proof

And also the data seem to support this thesis. According to an official blog entry is the number of cheat reports have declined significantly since the integration of the new RICOCHET anti-cheat system (Source: Call of Duty).

The developers, however, know that the fight against cheaters is not over for a long time. You promise that you will continue to expand and refine the system ** and also guarantee that Ricochet does not engage in the fights of honest players.

In addition, it is mentioned that in addition to these two mechanics still gives more measures that are used against cheaters . Which ones are, however, will be concealed for the time being. We’ll keep you up to date.

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