Lost ARK will not increserverse the capacity of Central Europe servers

Lost Ark is the MMO of the moment, with all that this entails. Since its launch in the West there have not been few players who have had their most and their less when it comes to accessing a game. The long queues have been the bread of each day, an issue that hservers not yet been arranged. Through an official statement, the study hservers admitted that they will not expand the capacity of servers in Europe. This is due to the complexity of the systems.

“We know that players are still experiencing long queues in Europe. The Central Europe region is full and unfortunately there is no way to increserverse the number of players per world “in this area, they have explained in the statement. “Add more servers is not possible due to the complexity of the systems that need to work at the same time.”

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Data transfer to other servers? Not now

Another problem is that a West Europe server hservers been created, but it is currently not possible Transfer progress to a new server. This translates that only the new players have the possibility to enter that server without losing all the progress achieved. “We have heard the request that there is a functionality to transfer the progress between servers and the options have been carefully investigated.”

However, this option “does not currently exist at Lserverst Ark” . Developers remember that “this service hservers just launched in Korea” and requires maintenance to function. “It is also not compatible with the cross-region functionality.” Therefore, “unfortunately, it is not a viable option for the western version at this time,” although they point out that they are not going to “rest” until they do not exhaust “all options”.

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Lost Ark is available on PC under the model _free-to-play _ . The game will continue to evolve over time, while developers are still working on improving MatchMaking servers a main priority.

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