Lost Ark: The old free2play sorry

If even in buy2play MMOs with mandatory subscription (like World of Warcraft or Final Fantasy 14 ), there are problems with goldses and bots over the entire lifetime, then you can imagine what in Free2play – Games is going on that do not have such hurdles. Especially if the payment model is structured in such a way that real money and ingame currencies are closely linked. Not true, Lost Ark?!

Bots and goldseller in Arkesia

In fact, more and more reports of bots and goldsellers are increasingly emerging in Arkesia. This forum postage shows, for example, several characters that are released parallel from the account owner and thereby still give gold advertising. Diverse videos on Youtube are currently dealing with the increasing number of bots in Lost Ark (Example 1, Example 2).

The problem with the bot’s: with their fished items and currencies, they have a tactable influence on the prices for currency exchange and the market – to the disadvantage of all fair players. In addition, of course, it is extremely annoying when socialized in the area chat, because gold sellers repeatedly apply their offers.

What makes Amazon Games?

Recently Publisher Amazon has already clarified that the fight against the bots and gold sellers is in full swing. For example, there are different scripts to banish gold plates that fully bann up the chat. It should also be extremely careful what to write in the chat. This forum mail shows how quickly the script by Amazon strikes and how easy you can capture you a spell.

Although LOST ARK (Buy Now 19.99 €) is offered over Steam, but the online role-playing game of SmileGate does not support the local Valve Anti-Cheat system (VAC). Instead, the third-party DRM Easy Anti-Cheat is used. But that does not feel at all unauthorized programs (see examples above). According to the just mentioned Post from Amazon, it is precisely working to optimize the Ingame tools for reporting and transfer cheaters as well as internal machining operations.

What does it look like: did you already get botots in Arkesia or yarned the chat to see no gold-selling advertisements? You can easily report eye-catching characters in the chat. Just click on the name (regardless of whether right or left click), then select “Select” and select a reason. In addition, a bit explained and done.

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