LOL: The new fashionable object in competitive that demonstrates a much greater problem

League of Legends You have not found stability until well entries the first patches of the new season 12. Riot Games could not have all your adjustments ready for the start of the campaign and the developers introduced important changes in the last patches that have given Place to a fairly particular situation: An object that nobody paid attention has become the central part of the metajame. We talk about the rompecascus, fashion item in the upper lane.

Why is the rompecascus fashionable?

Rompecasco was introduced into League of Legends on the occasion of the launch of the patch 11.13, but went unnoticed for months. The only champion who did use the item consistently was Yorick, who could accompany him from the rest of him to become a threat with the solo thrust. However, two circumstances have led the players to start opening their hand and building it with more and more characters:

  • Losquers to Teleport : These settings make the Top Lanes are even more isolated, promoting individualistic strategies such as divided thrust. Becoming the item is good both to promote this strategy and reduce its impact if the rival is used.
  • Losses to the objects of the fighters : The patch 12.3 introduced a multitude of changes to these items, making them more specialized and eliminating some options for the champions most used in the upper lane. A space that has occupied this article.

The Future of the Rompecasco and what about League of Legends


When a new Build begins to be used in the competitive League of Legends, the usual thing is that it takes a few weeks to become the usual at qualifying games. However, the first samples of the power of this object are overwhelming. Without still the most popular item, is already selected by 3.9% of the items by winning 51.7% of these. Very high figures if we take into account that the characters that use it usually buy it in the first or second place.

This cumulus of circumstances invites you to think that Riot Games will soon apply a reduction of power that makes it something more situation. The objective of adjustments to fighter items that developers introduced on patch 12.3 was, precisely, avoid situations in which very diverse champions bet on the same object. You will not be liking too much that Shen , Tryndamere , nasus, urgot or riven have the same option as one of the most viable for your first purchases in the League of Legends games.

However, this is the second time that the Top Lane suffers a rollover in recent weeks. The already eliminated strategy of the champions with crushing frustrated enormously to the community, so the romit of the rompecascus may be a sign that the position needs somewhat deeper adjustments in the face of the next versions. It is something that players come by claiming to revitalize the game , although still without a favorable Riot Games response.

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