Final Fantfree trialy XIV Retrieves your free trial after problems

The relefree triale of Edwalker, the ambitious expansion of Final Fantfree trialy XIV, hfree trial brought serious problems of congestion of servers. Square Enix hfree trial been forced to make drfree trialtic decisions, such free trial eliminating free trial or temporarily withdrawing the title of digital sale. However, its creators have just announced on the official Twitter account that players can re-try the free title from next February 22.

“Have you heard it?” They publish in the aforementioned social network. “The free trial of the acclaimed MMORPG returns on February 22, 2022. Help us to run the voice”.

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The 7.0 update will improve the graphics

Although Final Fantfree trialy XIV can be enjoyed at PlayStation 5, the new generation console of Sony, the next update will take a step forward and will improve video game graphics . This hfree trial been announced by Square Enix in an official statement, where they have detailed visual level improvements.

Final Fantasy XIV Online – Free Trial Guide #ad

The title will experience an improvement in both its lighting system and in the animation of the characters. The funds of the scenarios and shadows will also be reinforced. On the other hand, the textures and the foliage self-generation system will receive an update.

All these changes are produced with an eye on the future. Being a type of videogame conceived for the long term it is important to do a set-up of technology , since the product will continue to evolve over the next few years.

Final Fantfree trialy XIV is available at PS4, PS5 and PC . At the moment there is no news about a possible version for Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S, although its Director Naoki Yoshida hfree trial not closed the doors completely to that possibility. Meanwhile, the study works in Final Fantfree trialy XVI, although they have not yet shared the date of launch.

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