Final Fantasy 14 Online: Endwalker: Developer team has no NFT plans and graphics

In a LiveStream, Game Director Naoki Yoshida has expressed itself from Final Fantasy 14 throughout the topics for online role-playing topics. Among other things, it was about the controversial topic around NFTs. According to his statement, Final Fantasy 14 will remain free from NFTs in the future. Yoshida mentioned the negative feedback, which has received the topic in recent months of players. However, the Game Director was not clear from NFTs. However, in order to implement the tokens meaningfully in a project, a completely new game would have to be worked on.

FFXIV and Future NFT Concerns

By the way, Naoki Yoshida also talked about a planned graphic upgrade for the online role-playing game. Thus, with Patch 7.0, there are numerous improvements to the general optics of Final Fatasy 14. These include optimized textures or lighting effects. The level of current single-player projects such as Final Fantasy 16 you will not achieve it. Probably players but still have to wait a few more time – first of all, version 6.1 for April 2022 is planned.

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