When will update 6.1 for Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker?

While each patch for Final Fantasy XIV is the long-awaited, patch 6.1 for Endwalker is the one that many were waiting for years. This is due to the huge number of additions that teases, including housing in Ishgard, the travel system to the data center and the continuation of the main plot quest (MSQ).

But when will the patch 6.1 come out for Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker? Well, as part of a recent interview with producer and director of the game Naoki Yosida outlined the schedule for the next few months. In February, a special release of a live letter from producers will note the content map of the content after Endwalker. Then in March we will receive detailed information about the content of Patch 6.1. As part of the above Live Letter, it turned out that patch 6.1 will be released in April 2022. .

Endwalker Live Letter! Condensed! HOURS INTO 8 MINUTES!

This corresponds to previous extensions that traditionally produced patch 0.1 after four to six months after the release.

In addition, it coincides with the new fixes of correction issued in the February Live Letter. It officially changed the current cycle of fixes from 3.5 months between editions up to four months.

However, although Yoshid reported that more detailed information about the patch 6.1 will be published later, we already know something about this patch. For more than a year, we knew that 6.1 would be the completion of the Ishgardian restoration, and that Ishgard accommodation would be affordable.

In addition, we know that in version 6.1, an interregional data processing center will be implemented. In the same interview in which the Patch timeline was set out, Yoshid explained that more significant changes in classes would occur during a patch 6.1. And we know that 6.1 will be the beginning of the new story of Final Fantasy XIV after Endwalker. So with a patch there is something to rejoice!

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