The free trial of the Final Fantasy 14 MMORPG will resume in a few days

Square Enix has a lot of major titles in its portfolio, including the Final Fantasy series. One of their most popular titles is Final Fantasy 14. The game is considered the best MMORPG in the world because it is full of content and its extension recently published, Endwalker, has been welcomed. Unfortunately, it was so welcomed that the waiters have not been able to handle the ability of the players. As a result, the free trial for players had to end. However, today, developers have announced that free trials would resume.

Final Fantasy XIV - Free Trial на русском!
Via his official twitter, the team behind FINAL FANTASY 14 said, “Are you heard? The mmorpg acclaimed by the criticism # ffxivl’eless from resuming February 22, 2022! _ This is an excellent news for fans looking to embark on a MMORPG. The free trial of the game is quite accommodating. For example, free trial players can create up to eight characters and even reach level 60. The free trial allows players to fully discover the game, dungeons and most quests in the main story.

Final Fantasy Endwalker is the last extension of the game. The extension introduced a ton of new content, including raids, dungeons and even increased the maximum level. In addition, players have been able to access the Sage and Reaper classes and new cities and new areas. At the exit of Endwalker, due to server and pandemic constraints, Square Enix has not been able to facilitate an increase in the number of players. As a result, the difficult decision was taken to end the free trial.

What do you think of Final Fantasy? Are you a fan of the franchise? Do you play at MMORPG? Are you interested in Final Fantasy 14? Are you going to try the free trial? Let us know in the comments below or on Twitter and Facebook.

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