Baumgart holds viewers

Coach Steffen Baumgart From the Football Bundesliga club 1. FC Cologne looks at the opening for more viewers than overdue. “I’m far from thanking me with the people whose action I did not have to have before,” said Baumgart.

“I have not experienced that any measures, be it the stadiums or the Steffen Baumgarts facilities, have brought us something in some form,” explained the meantime with Corona infected baumgart: “That’s why I’m very critical about it. I am pleased But I very much that we come back with the spectators, where we wow up. And it would be more beautiful if we might have absolute clarity. “

On Saturday (18:30 / SKY) against Eintracht Frankfurt, the Cologne continues to leave only 10,000 spectators into the stadium.

From 4 March, up to 25,000 visitors can come to the arenas, from 20 March, full stages should be allowed again.

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Meanwhile, Baumgart has placed a place in the StartTelf in the Frankfurter striker Sebastian Andersson. If Torjäger Anthony Modeste after surviving Corona infection “should not play from the beginning of what I have not yet decided, SEB Andersson will stand in the starting eleven,” said Baumgart against the game against the entrance. “I do not see SEB as bad as he is done.”

Andersson has not met in the league since the end of November and only two goals achieved. Last on the 1: 3 at RB Leipzig, the 30-year-old began, but he remained largely pale and awarded a grand chance. With the fans, Andersson has a heavy stand.

The Frenchman modest, on the other hand, is in top form, has 14 of the 34 Cologne Saisontore in the account and is a key player in Baumgart’s team. The striker and the also in the meantime with Corona-infected new entry Jeff Chabot “make a good impression and have completed your medical examinations,” said Baumgart: “That’s important for the virus infection.”

Frankfurt sees the coach as a “steady and really good Bundesliga team”, Baumgart expects a “difficult game at eye level”.

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