What is the game?

There are dozens of different genres of games, so it may be a little difficult to learn about them all. If you are an anime fan or prefer adventure games, you probably have already heard the term “Othethy-game”. It is a subsoance of games whose popularity is currently growing in English-speaking countries thanks to several games that have received high ratings.

What is a Game?: Crash Course Games #1

Ovese Games Podzhanr Visual Novel and fall under the category of game simulators. Otsey can be directly translated as meaning Young Virgo and targeted gamers interested in love novels with Men are dominant . Many of the latest even completely voiced .

Like other date simulators, they often have a few routes is determined by the answers you choose during the game. You will also find that each route has different endings What led to the fact that many players used the manual to find out how to unlock all feature cards their favorite characters.

What do they differ from visual novel

Visual novels are mainly Digital books which are presented with both text and illustrations throughout the game. In many visual novels, there is only a pair of routes or there is no choice at all. A good example of this is Danaganronic games in which there are mini-games, but a static storyline.

For more information about Otiome games, read the upcoming games of Otsey, to which it is worth paying attention to 2022, in the Games for professionals!

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