New information released at the 68th PLL of “FF14”. “Liter-up for the next 10 years” Lit Antin assault match is in the instance battle

Square Enix has distributed live broadcast “68th Producer Reter Live” to deliver new information of “ Final Fantasy XIV ” (hereinafter, “FF14”) on February 19th. Broadcasting has been issued that “FFXIV’s new challenge-for the next 10 years”, and future update information has been announced. In addition, in the second half of the program, a corner of the producer and director, who is a profile forum, and a corner of Director Yoshida answered by the director.

In the broadcast, after looking back on the past, the prospects for the next 10 years of “FF14” were told. Mr. Yoshida says, “I want to challenge new things for 7.0”, “” Everything “” Everyone “to RPG to be played” “Preparation / Development of” First “Graphics Update” ” The three “new challenging concepts” of “Patch 6.x series schedule roadmap notification” were introduced.

Further evolution to RPG that can be played by “” even “everyone”

According to Mr. Yoshida, “FF” series fans are “FF14” people who do not play “FF14” It is troublesome. It seems that there are many layers who do not like making human relations. “FF11” continues to update the content that the solo player is currently changing, but “FF14” is likely to expand the content that can be played alone.

First, a large-scale update is performed on the face system. Face is a function that can rush with NPC AI character to battle content that requires matching. It is an innovative system that is implemented from “Jet Black Villains” to some content and is MMORPG that is almost not involved with almost other players. This system will correspond to the future update in the past, and compatible with the required ID of all main quests implemented in the past and the four-person intervention match. Face correspondence is scheduled to be performed sequentially from patch 6.1 to patch 6.5.

The face character is not limited to the 暁 member, and the various NPCs appear to be targeted, as far as the target content for the story. Depending on the content, it may change the scenario and the NPC may be in place to accompany the content. In the first patch 6.1, the face corresponds to the battle in the range of “newly organized Eorzea” patch 2.0. In addition, the initial main quest ID and the battlefall match are renewed, and a drastic renovation is added to the system.

The content that the community is so much, it will be an instance battle of “Lit Antin’s Battle”. “Lit Antin Street Battle” was a battle that players challenged with 8 parties for the first time in the journey where the “FF14” main story is walking. Boss Lit Antin is a Captain of the Galemar Empire, and the players stand up……………………….. Although the community was also a content that tends to be a neta, this update will be an instance battle and it seems to be adjusted to be a normal difficulty.

Preparation / Development of First “Graphics Update”

“FF14” plans to update large-scale graphics at the timing of patch 7.0. Patches 6.1 to 6.5 are the preparation development period. In addition to graphics, animation and lighting systems will also be updated. It seems that “FF14” would not be possible to keep in mind that “FF14” is online RPG, “FF14” is an online RPG and not a stand-alone game quality based on multiplayer.

Patch 7.0 changes the specifications of the minimum operating warranty as well as graphics updates, but it is intended to make efforts to respond to many specs as much as possible. The PS4 is not truncated in patch 7.0, and it supports the customization function of the graphic setting.

The test of the graphic update has been exposed about one month ago, and samples produced for comparison were also released. Characters are not meant to be a photorial route, but it seems to improve textures and texture expressions based on the current character model. Writing and shadows are also enhanced, especially to focus on the character that falls to the character. In addition, it was promised to be careful not to change the image of the player character as much as possible. NPC graphics are also available as much as possible, but because there are a large number of numbers, patch 7.0 and later will be updated.

As a background representation, the addition of the number of write layouts enhances texture and unevenness. In addition, although the shadow is high resolution, flicker is suppressed, and the shadow’s meritin is enhanced. It seems that high resolution and type addition will be added for automatic placement plants, and a richer world can be drawn. Ambient and Fogs are also reinforced tests, and we plan to improve graphic to the last minute while adding performance.

Future plans

Patches 6.1 to 6.5 roadmaps were also released. Patch 6.1 release is scheduled to be April. The contents implemented in patch 6.1 are as follows. In addition to the content introduced in the power point material during the broadcast, the Mirage plate expansion is also scheduled. In addition, data center travel is also implemented in patch 6.18.

Main quest update (patch 6.1 to 6.5)

Hildi Bland “Mitsuki Hen” (Patch 6.1-6.5)

New Subquest “Tatal Daiichi Shota” (Patches 6.1 to 6.5)

Misologies of Eolsea (Alliance Laid)

Crystal conflict (new PVP)

Barbarian quest “Alka sodara family”

Tokyu Poetry War (Latest Anti Series)

Phantom Artesemawepon Destruction Operation

“New Eorzea Hen” Main Quest ID Face Compatible (Patch 2.0 Range)

New UI “Character Card (provisional)” implementation

Rossugal new hair type correspondence

Ishugard Housing “Empire Am” Open

Customer transactions “Ameline”

In addition, many updates such as annoying war

Patches 6.2 and later continue to update content and add new content. During the broadcast, the content of the first public “Due to the Danger Dungeon” was also introduced. Details are unknown, but the number of participants seems to be a battle content whose content difficulty changes. Also, in the patch 6.3 series, new deep dungeon series appeared, and the fifth of the absolute series is also scheduled to be implemented.

Also, “FF14” has released one major patch in 3.5 months. However, patches 6.1 and later are changed to a pace called one major patch release in four months. According to Mr. Yoshida, “FF14” does not have the number of content and jobs, and the adjustment item is increasing year by year. Therefore, patch 6.1 or later adds a development period for one week to implementation and adjustment, and has made a decision to perform major patch releases at a pace once every four months. He also mentioned the staff’s working environment and emphasized that it would also lead to quality up to develop healthy.

In the second half of the program, there was a corner where the producer and director’s Preducer and director who responded to the question sent to the official forum in advance. Because of the content of the full of spoilers that will be full of spoilers that will be at the core of “Natsuki’s Finale”, please see the second half of the program. It has been answered to questions other than the scenario and the world view setting, and job adjustment is performed with patch 6.1, such as the convenience of the dark knight living dead dead and the jump rigidity of the dragon knight. It is also conveyed to the development progress of women’s character of Losgal.

As mentioned above, we introduced new information released in the 68th producer letter LIVE. “FF14” that has reached a large milestone on the story at the Large Expansion Disc “Norazuki Finale” released on December 7 last year. The contents of the update looked at the future were also conveyed, and it became clear that new challenges continue from now on. The “FF14” patch 6.1, which is also implemented, also implemented new attempts is scheduled to release during April.

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