Final Fantasy 14, Graphic thumbnail from the next arrangement

The Final Fantasy 14 and entered a major upgrade graphics quality from the next expansion.

Today (19th), Square Enix has conducted an ‘Article 68 times the global Letters Live’ to reveal new information about the “Final Fantasy 14 ‘MMORPG Online Services. Meanwhile, reports point out the history of the Final Fantasy 14 live in this letter, the contents of the plan and later updated after the 6.1 patch was shared.

The first enhancement is the right major upgrade graphics quality. Currently the development team a period of expansion, 7.0 to package and holding a test and development cycles being tested them. With the introduction of the more advanced hair and skin texture of equipment in the existing graphics to upgrade the overall quality material for such skin and metal. With this application better lighting effects are shadow effects, the 7.0 These upgrades from the patch is introduced sequentially.

Yoshida PD said it will players to upgrade the graphic of the equipment used by the first projection and introducing the pre-upgrade for the new equipment of 7.0. Since then the graphics and updating the equipment in sequence and appearance of the NPC also entered the 7.0 expansion pack will be changed and improved.

These graphical updates are conducted based on the multiplayer in the direction in which the pursuit of “beauty full screen” is also updated animation and lighting. This is expected to be 7.0 From the overall design changes, such as the minimum operating specifications for the Final Fantasy 14.

Then it unveiled a roadmap to patch 6.5 from the 6.1 patch after the story of the current expansion.

Patch 6.1 is scheduled for 4, and the main quest is continually updated to 6.5. Along with the brand hildi quest is introduced from 6.1 to 6.5 patch is deployed, the ‘for other thriving shops Tharu, a new side-quests are provided.

A major update 6.1 is expected to be updated with the new PVP system, 24 a raid, and the barbarians. Then the ring tobeoljeon know themed weapon is ready, it is a new content section is implemented “yongsi war. New PvP system, crystalline conflict is introduced through the 6.15 patch.

Yoshida PD noted the difficulty that “the most difficult sections of the content until” about the new content section yongsi war. If, instead of Section yongsi war after the update than the 6.1 patch is introduced through the 6.11 patch after two weeks. In addition to the new trust system, a new hairstyle and housing issues garde and new patrons to the mother of the twins Eur reube “America Alliance” in Los appeared to go in the dungeon in the new ZE climb. Add to the 6.18 patch will be adding the ability to visit the other data center.

6.2 Starting patch may be introduced 1-4 incorporated dungeon that difficulty is automatically changed according to the new battle content and personnel with new reinforcing inorganic content. Trusted systems can also enjoy the trust system has been extended to the main scenario of dungeons 2.x patch issue of Changchun garde main scenario dungeon. In addition, the new content “uninhabited pioneering ‘prior notice to that will be first introduced.

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6.3 patch has been referred to the new release of “Deep Dungeon” with a fifth ‘clause’ series content. 6.4 ~ 6.5, the additional area, such as a new-laid and tobeoljeon of updates and ‘uninhabited planting “new variable dungeon difficulty is constantly updated. Trusted System 4.0 also extends to the main scenario. More information about the patch will be released to add in the future.

Finally, Yoshida PD noted that not provide a detailed comment on such a new demo version or a 24 nieom Reid of Reid, and other barbarians ready for updates as conventional cycle. He was about to add the major patch cycle progress one major patch every 3.5 months so far, said that after every four months have additional patches.

And need time to test the time to apply a patch to add to the current period, as year-end holiday period mentioned will be adding more each week this time. He said that because of the content to be addressed in the team after coming in patch 5.3 are largely content with the elements leads to greater visibility Coast neuleonatgi up.

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