BVB: Chatless Marco Rose device in explanatory note – he reaches Dortmund

After the bloodless idea in the Europa League against the Rangers, the detention is great at Borussia Dortmund. Continue to the center of the criticism Marco Rose. Puzzle is wide – especially at the BVB trainer.

Between just four days are worlds: In the past Bundesliga game Borussia Dortmund showed a sovereign performance and sat down with a strong attack and defense benefit 3-0 against Union Berlin.

On Thursday, the BVB then went to the Rangers in the Europa League, at the end was a desastrous 2: 4 on the scoreboard. And that, though Marco Rose sat on the same start up as against Union.

Such fluctuations are on the agenda at the BVB this season.

Against the Scots showed the Dortmund just in the defensive a desolate idea. Just three defenders received the grade 6.0 of Rose. The black and yellow had proclaimed the profit of the Europa League as a target. The gap between claim and reality seems to be greater at BVB.

Rose reaches the team?

That after the early Champions League also a crissful failure threatens in the “Trost Cup”, Rose brings more and more into explanatory notes. But the coach acts almost helpless. Does the 45-year-old reach his team at all?

“I think I’m still seeing the guys. I see in training and in conversations nodding heads,” a frustrated Rose said after the Europa League blam and sought blam: “Our topic is always the implementation. I am also responsible for that. “

But just the appearance against the Rangers doubt them if that is actually the case. Finally, the problems with BVB have long since been open, be recognized by the coach week for week: missing defensive stability, lack of constancy.

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To get the vulnerabilities over a longer period of time, the revier club has not succeeded so far. The Schmach in the Europa League was after the 2-5 bankruptcy against Bayer Leverkusen in early February only a further low point in the black yellow.

Also defense chief Mats Hummels raised at “RTL” that the BVB is unable to implement the needs of the coach. “It’s more than a clear topic for me, which is our problem, the coach often speaks it, we do not implement it on many positions.”

Roses self-negative problem with BVB

In response to the embarrassing appearance on the European stage, a personnel Rochade would be expected at the Bundesliga game against Borussia Mönchengladbach on Sunday. But here Rose are a bit of far the hands tied. A problem that is quite self-sufficient.

Rose so far sat most on the same 14, 15 players. He now throws the sorted in, such as a Felix passlack, which may possibly solve the problem zone on the right defensive side, that does not seem very convincing.

Other, such as Youngster Youssoufa Moukoko, quarrels for weeks with the hooves, but only come as a joker. Hardly conceivable therefore, that the coach throws his own principles over the heap.

BVB bosses (still) to rose

First doubt, whether Rose is the right man for the BVB come up. A playful manuscript is too rare to recognize, the mentality problems lasting for years, he could not get under control – on the contrary.

In any case, the BVB bosse strengthen rose (still) the back. “Sky” reports on an immediate crisis session denied the revier club vehemently. “Total Bullshit. There was no meeting,” said Managing Director Hans-Joachim Watzke the “Sid”.

Trainer discussion soon inevitable?

Of course, however, Rose is after the renewed revelation against the Scottish record champion in the coming weeks in Dortmund under exact observation. A “Next So” is allowed and will not exist at BVB.

If Rose does not succeed in reclining the criteral BVB, a coach discussion is inevitable – even if a separation in view of the five million euros transfer, which paid BVB to Gladbach, for the BVB bosses would be difficult to cope with the BVB bosses.

Lissy Beckonert

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